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East London lifestyle blog. All the cool little places you might not know about unless someone told you. I'm someone. I'll tell you.


Stories, Broadway Market: A brunch which ticks all boxes

For me, brunch means a lot of things. Firstly, it means most of my favourite consumables like eggs, pancakes, coffee and peanut butter – so, the healthy ones – will be on the same menu. Also, I get to get up in the middle of the day and still pretend I’m eating breakfast. Finally, brunch […]

Coffee lovers unite: Learn how to barista-like-a-boss at Coffee School

There are a million* types of different coffee machines. There are those car-sized, top-of-the-range Italian ones with more bells and whistles than the Notting Hill Carnival. They adorn most indie coffee shop counters and produce incredible coffee. Or, alternatively, there are those coffee machines which use George Clooney to advertise them, which produce coffee. In […]

Spoon carving with Grain & Knot: the latest craze to whittle its way through London

It’s not often I find myself bright-eyed and full of energy at 10am on a Saturday morning in Homerton, despite having celebrated life with a few sherbets the night before. More unusual still, do I find myself clutching an off-cut of wood in one hand, whilst wielding a knife in the other, in between asking for tips regarding […]

The London Bike Project: Part two – A beginner’s guide to getting a bike

Settling on a bike was tricky. Full disclosure, my brief was pretty simple …and very shallow. I told various bike shops “I want something which is reliable (I wasn’t that bothered) and which will last me for a good few years (yeah, I guess that was important) and which looks cool (there we go, there’s […]

Hatch, Homerton: So much cool going on in one space

Possibly one of the most common questions I get asked, is “does it not ever get boring? Eating out all the time? Doesn’t it all get a bit samey?” Whilst you might be wondering what kind of idiot asks a question like that, I can actually understand where they’re coming from.  Even the most glorious […]

Mr. Buckley’s, Hackney Road: A restaurant like no other

There’s this god-awful misdemeanor in the foodie world, that exceptional chow has to be accompanied by irritatingly invasive service which is annoying-as-hell. There’s also usually some kind of classical composer providing the soundtrack, along with a crazy price tag which totals-up to roughly the same amount you’d spend on your entire family at Christmas. It’s ridiculous. […]

Bounce: Where ping pong gets nasty

When I was a kid, we had a ping pong table in our house which was three-quarter sized and bright yellow. It had little phrases scrawled all over it, like “Great!” and “Wow!” which were interspersed with flowers and rainbows. I spent hours at that wholesome little table, perfecting my bat-and-ball skills and generally falling […]

Rawduck: Bossing brunch in London Fields

London Fields is one of East London’s proudest patches of green space, with awesome little areas surrounding it. Broadway Market. Netil Market. Hackney Road. There are countless brunch choices in all three of those aforementioned locations, but if you cross London Fields to the other side, there’s a place we recently discovered which, if you love […]

Merci Marie, Dalston: Officially my favourite restaurant in London

The short version is, Merci Marie is a BYOB eatery in Dalston. It’s my favourite restaurant in London. Now, for the slightly longer version… Whenever people ask me to give them an example of the kind of ‘cool, quirky places’ I review in London, this is always the answer I give. “You’ve heard of Merci Marie, right?!”, […]

Silver ring carving workshop: If you like it, you can actually put a ring on it

I always feel super-privileged to be the bearers of awesome social news for you lot, posting great tidings into your inboxes like a jazzier version of Postman Pat. Well, this review is another true example of an unmissable London must-do. We recently went to do a ring carving workshop and had our craft-loving minds blown […]

The London Bike Project: Part One – Too scared to cycle

During my first week of living in London back in 2011, I heard about three unrelated cycling accidents, one of which ended fatally. It was then that I made my first of three major decisions regarding cycling, which I thought would surely never be reversed: I will never cycle in London. Over the next few years, […]

Honest Burgers – One of London’s finest

Burgers in London are big business. If you’re stuck in a boardroom full of dry, dull, fellow employees with zero chat, try throwing the question “What’s your favourite burger in London, Clive?” into the mix and I guarantee, verbal war will descend. One burger which, for me, has long prevailed is Honest Burgers. They wormed their […]

Flat Iron: Incredible steak which won’t break the bank

I have this weird personality flaw. It’s not me ‘trying to be kooky’, like the lead female character in every teenage romcom ever, with their “Oh, I eat my dessert first at meal times” (some Robert Pattinson film I watched once). I genuinely know that this is weird and that I’m a minority. For some […]

Foxlow, Stoke Newington: Your neighbourhood eatery which just does everything right

Touch-screen menus. Japanese electronic toilets. Table-top CCTV coverage of the chefs prepping your meal. These are some of the many ‘quirks’ I’ve seen in restaurants over the years, which aim to ‘wow’ hungry visitors and leave a lasting impression. Some people love it. I …kind of see those things as being gimmicky, try-hard extras which […]



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  • B&H Buildings, Clerkenwell : the place to turn a first date into a marriage proposal
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