Itsu: 15for15 – Fantastic food, even better cost…


15 For 15

I thought I knew all there was to know about Itsu.

“Oh, that new sushi take-away place on Regent Street?”

How wrong I was. Three things about that sentence are wrong. Itsu doesn’t just exist on Regent Street; there are little sushi pods of joy all over our capital. Also, it doesn’t just do take-away; Itsu has two dining restaurants, one in Notting Hill, one in Chelsea and in fact, the latter was where it all began. Finally, Itsu is not new. This year it celebrates it’s 15th birthday, which is where 15 For 15 comes in.

In celebration of their well-deserved 15th successful year, Itsu have created a menu for just £15, where you can choose two plates from the conveyer and one hot plate which is prepared by the chef in the kitchen. Add to that any drink from the menu and you have yourself a great, affordable night out.

I tried this out last night at their Chelsea branch and loved everything about it. Any drink, you say? A lychee Martini quickly arrived at my table and holy chopsticks it was incredible. The restaurant itself boasts stunning interior design and certainly breathes a more substantial dining feel, as opposed to the clean take-away vibes of their High Street sisters. Finally, I don’t need to wax-lyrical about the food. I’m sure you’re familiar with Itsu’s well-loved cuisine. If not; if you love fresh, healthy, tasty dishes, you’ll fully embrace everything they’re about.

The 15 For 15 offer only lasts until April 30th, so go and well-and-truly take advantage to the point of perhaps growing fish scales. I would say we left feeling delighted at having only paid £15 each, but those Lychee Martinis were too moreish.

So we left a bit tipsy …but still feeling delighted.


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