A party… on a roof… in London. Dalston roof bar: Your best friend this Summer.

Roof Shot Garden

Dalston Roof Bar: Your best friend this summer

You know those scenes in films where they have roof parties on high-rises during sunset? Set in some amazing city, there’s a barbecue going in the corner, a soundtrack of great music plays as well-dressed hotties drink out of those red plastic cups which were the fixation of my American-Pie-loving teenagehood. When I moved to London two years ago, I could only hope that somewhere like this actually existed. Well, London, for crying out loud…

It exists.

That fictional halcyon I’ve just described to you is blindingly-real, non-fiction reality. I know this, because I’ve been there. I’ve witnessed it. It’s a little portion of heaven above the city which is effortlessly cool, shabby, welcoming and cosy. It’s in Dalston, East London, residing on the sprawling roof of a Print works.

Climbing the many stairs (oh so many stairs) I enjoyed the efforts made to build up the excitement for the roof dream; art work leads you up floor by floor, planting seeds in your head as to what kind of scene you’re about to enter.

Then, as daylight burnt my retinas, I stepped onto the fake grass, I smelt the rustic street food being cheffed up on the barbecue, I took in the giant, overwhelming inflatable white roof and more importantly, I registered the fact that the bad ass legend of a DJ was playing Missy Elliott ‘Work It’. It felt good.

I got a cloudy cider (win) and collected my beautiful, fresh chicken wings with ‘slaw and toasted focaccia (as prepped and produced by The Wing Men food Gods -very flavoursome with a side serving of banter) and I walked around and admired the home grown herbs and vegetables which litter the edges of the space. These darling ingredients play an important part when the roof-toppers rustle you up a specially designed cocktail, exclusive to this place by Background Bars -whose cocktail knowledge make Tom Cruise look like an amateur.

Add to that the buzzing atmosphere and the brilliant medley of tunes which were being dropped left, right and centre and you’ll soon understand why I fell in love with this place.

One small drawback though, just as a warning, something which lacked from this experience. The red American house party cups. Having said that, this is London’s version of roof top partying. We’ve got herby cocktails. Red cups are overrated.

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Roof Shot Crane

Dalston rooftop

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