Barbarella Restaurant, Fulham: Temporary 80’s menu with 80’s prices


Great food, great atmosphere, very inexpensive…

Why is it that whenever there’s an 80’s themed night, it suddenly seems as if Madonna’s Lucky Star music video has thrown up all over everyone and everything? Seriously; our method of recreating the 80’s is shameless and involves back-combed hair, fishnet tights and anything neon we can lay our hands on. It makes those born after the 80’s question how this decade was ever cool.

I’m pleased to say that this era is finally being paid homage to in the classiest way possible and it’s Barbarella restaurant in Fulham who are responsible.

Having been a regular celebrity haunt for years, Barbarella gained its reputation from serving excellent food in a beautiful space. The interior is effortlessly luxurious with dark wood polished floors, low lighting and booth seating. Of course good food comes at a price and Barbarella has always been at the top-end of the eating out budget, especially given that it resides in the catchment area of Chelsea Football Club.

However, for four weeks only, Barbarella are reverting back to their old 80’s ways -and prices -and have created a temporary 80’s inspired menu. On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, starters will cost less than £3 and mains won’t set you back any more than a fiver.

The story behind this idea is a great one and goes something along the lines of a regular customer who happened to mention that he still had an original menu which he’d pocketed about twenty-or-so years ago. The owner asked for it back, but only because he wanted to recreate a night at Barbarella from days gone by, so set his chef onto recreating the dishes.

I’ve been to try the food featured on said menu and I cannot urge you enough to go and take advantage. Considering how inexpensive it is, the food was absolutely delicious, the atmosphere was buzzing and the night was a really memorable one. Maybe leave the neon fishnets at home for this one too.


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