KaraUke: Karaoke. With a band of Ukeleles. A hilarious alternative London night out.


I’m no karaoke amateur…

The first and only time I ever did karaoke was at the Edinburgh Fringe after too many shots of something-or-other and the song -nay, anthem of choice was ‘River Deep, Mountain High’. I worked it like a boss. Sure, I had a beer spillage down my top and I didn’t so much sing it but rather slurred it in a slightly perverse fashion, but my audience were moved to tears. I honestly saw one girl crying -and whilst she was simultaneously yelling at her boyfriend, I know it was my singing which had evoked the real emotions.

This is why, after that night, I decided to hang up my karaoke mic and call it a day as my first karaoke experience could never be beaten.

That was until a team of expert strummers decided to try and rival the memory of mine with ‘KaraUke‘. The concept being karaoke but with a team of infectiously cheery ukelele players behind you for support -and to supply the backing track.

I went along excitedly, wondering if my ‘River Deep, Mountain High’ moment could really be quashed and London, let me tell you, it was.

KaraUke is a bit like what karaoke ought to be. It’s like it’s the big brother of sing-along nights and try as it might, little Karaoke Junior will just never live up to the almighty KaraUke’s standards. The ukelele team are hot on their sound checks and coordination and arrangements like they’re the BBC London Symphony Ukestra. They smash every number out of the park, putting a different spin on those karaoke numbers we all know and love.

One highlight for me was a pair of well dressed fellows who sung a heart-rending interpretation of Radiohead’s Creep. What they lacked in tuneful, timely delivery they certainly made up for in angst-ridden facial expressions and the boy-band-esque air grabs.

But of course, I could never deem my review as authentic unless I jolly well got up there and delivered a number myself. So, I downed two strong bottles of what-the-hell-ever and I resumed my position once more as karaoke songstress. My tune of choice was ‘I Will Survive’ and I was bloody awful. As I had been in Edinburgh. But Holy Gloria Gaynor, was it fun.

There’s a recording below of my appearance if you’re brave enough.

KaraUke: You have to try it.

935538_10151478363783953_594612842_n   249032_10151478364233953_1164892919_n 920897_10151478339888953_17214566_o 260302_10151478358673953_208255968_n Me and my team of supportive cheerleaders

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