There’s a secret 20’s Great Gatsby style party scene in London …and I can get you in…

 To whom it may concern…

Gatsby fever has taken the world by storm; the golden age is here again and everyone wants to be seen celebrating in the right places. Tongues have been wagging about a certain night called The Candlelight Club. Look, lets just say I know the right people, because I got me a ticket and I’ve seen this place, it’s unbelievable.

Those Candlelight lot sure know how to party. Everything you’ve heard is true -the parties are raucous. If you don’t believe me, see the footage. I managed to persuade a few of the less shady party-goers to let me document the night. Just don’t tell anyone I told you.

Click here to find out when their next party is. Have fun.

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  • Louise Close

    Fantastic, would love to go to this, another fab review Rachel, well done. Even if I don’t get to London, I can keep watching these and feel like am at all the best spots!

    • ilovelondontown1

      Thank you so much! Glad you like it!! It’s great fun! x

  • Em

    Wow that looks amazing! Too bad I live in Canada… Maybe in a few years I’ll head down and there will still be happenings like this…. Fingers crossed!

  • Bethy

    You blow my fricken mind Rack!!!!! Nailed it mate 😀 xxxxx

  • therese gray

    Wow what an wonderful place i love the 20’s and have just read the ‘Great Gatsby’ so really feel in the moon for a visit to ‘The Candlelight Club’
    Loved the video as well and as always great review……

    • ilovelondontown1

      Thank you! I need to read the book, keep meaning to visit the bibliothèque to get it out! x