Stone Roses photography exhibition lands in London

Stone Roses resurrected and adored via ‘Made of Stone’ exhibition

I thought I was a massive Stone Roses fan until a mere two days ago, when it suddenly occured to me whilst on the DLR (where I do all my great thinking) that I wasn’t sure whether their album art work was Jackson Pollock or someone else.

A quick Google led me to discover that actually Stone Roses’ guitarist John Squire is responsible for the beautifully erratic Pollock-inspired creations. I also discovered I was the last person on Earth to realise this.

Someone who is a little more familiar with the bands’ tendencies to moonlight as famous artists is photographer Ian Tilton, who formed a close lensship with the band in 1987 and has followed them ever since. Capturing seemingly unsuspecting and intimate moments throughout the bands’ career to date, Tilton’s imagery offers fans an insight into band life as experienced by Ian Brown et al.

Showing at Proud, Camden, it arrives just as The Stone Roses approach their highly anticipated performance date with London at Finsbury Park on June 6th.

Made of Stone runs until Sunday 16th June.

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