Sushi in the City: How not to spend a fortune…


 Conveyor sushi doesn’t mean high street sushi

It was a discussion with a friend the day before which made this review particularly poignant. The two of us raw-fish-lovers were agonising over how expensive good sushi restaurants in Central London can be. My friend had recently enjoyed a fantastic sushi dining evening which was then tainted by a jaw-dropping bill. Myself and Sophie are early twenties starter-outer-ers, a phrase I’ve just coined to express how our non-stop, relentless hard working ethos does not necessarily reflect our bank balances. So when we reward hard work with play we’re not really at liberty to burn £100 on a meal -which is what her bill had amounted to.

Enter K10. Great location: Appold Street -near Liverpool Street. Lovely decor: A luxe, contemporary take on your average high street conveyor-belted-sushi affair. Excellent food: Fresh, flavoursome sushi dishes with some best-sellers which are certainly worth trying. Their chilli squid is wondrous, the seared tuna makes you thank God for your tastebuds and the salmon tartare is a pleasure for the eyes before you’ve even tried it. Other special moments included Yellowtail served with chilli and coriander, the beautiful prawn Tempura and avocado hand roll and the shredded duck salad.

We also managed to try every dessert on the menu -for research purposes, obviously. We thought we’d tried the best one first as we sunk a spoonful of the Green Tea Creme served in a glass teacup. However, each dessert got better as we tried them; coconut and passionfruit mousse, vanilla and raspberry shot glasses and the rich-but-light chocolate mousse.

Our Prosecco fuelled evening was one I’d certainly recommend. Prices are welcoming not wince-inducing and the food is exceptional quality, considering the affordable factor. We were even given a spontaneous tour of the sparklingly clean kitchens which made me even happier about the food we enjoyed. Get in there quickly before the world finds out about it and there are suddenly queues out the door.



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