VCR at Electric Social, Brixton, London.


 VCR goes cutting edge: Brixton

On so many occasions over my past two years of London life, I’ve fallen into a bar after paying £8 entry, slurred an order at the barman and then thought “I know! I’ll put it on the card! Then, it’s like I’m not spending money!”

These ‘money-saving’ innovations are then followed by watered-down excuses for cocktails, which are knocked out of my hand by some beefcake on the pull as I negotiate the crowd to find a table. Of course there aren’t any tables left because the entirety of London seem to have descended on this bar which is roughly the size of a Fiat Panda. So as I move through the crowd to find somewhere to stand, sip and shimmy, I’m intimately rubbed up by sweaty bodies more times than you get at your average ‘special’ sauna. Finally, I wake up the next day with stiletto-shaped holes in my blood stained feet and a receipt stuck to my face informing me that those pathetic soda water and Lambrini cocktails set me back £25 a piece.

Sound familiar?

Well, imagine my extreme feelings of pleasant surprise when a Brixton-bound group of friends and I stumbled across Electric Social. As we stood outside deliberating whether or not to risk the health of our bank balances (and feet), the doors were pushed open by two happy drunks and a burst of sweet sounding electronic music rushed out and pleasured our ears and souls, utterly wooing us into the depths of its party bosom.

After discovering that it’s free entry on a Friday night (win!), we breezed through the space which was bustling without resembling the aforementioned sweat pits. We were immediately served by friendly, helpful bar staff who took time to recommend and mix cocktails which got more TLC than the R&B music scene circa 1994. We looked around for a table and another bartender offered to show us to a free table and immediately took us -and our drinks- to an available space. The cocktails were averagely priced for London (between £7 and £9) but much to our relief, they were strong enough to induce that ‘one sip and I’m drunk’ movement which I’m such a fan of these days.

Add to all of the above, the fact that the night we’d found ourselves in amongst was VCR; “South London’s only Audio Visual night”. This means that as we supped ourselves into a drunken oblivion, I was indulged with future electronic sounds; most of which I didn’t recognise, all of which were infectiously moreish. Those I knew were classics and every tune was like love at first listen. Additionally, tunes were accompanied with visual displays of genius; well edited video clips which added to and enhanced the sets and were cool as. In summary, each set from the three DJ’s very quickly shoe-horned us off our seats and into a clumsy scramble of blurry dance moves. We were winning at life.

All in all, Electric Social is my new best mate. Great atmosphere, life-changing cocktails and music which didn’t make me wish I had no ears. We all had a brilliantly memorable night and here’s the photographic evidence…





Electric Social: Where you get to mix your own cocktails

(I don’t know why I look so petrified)

Where the night took a turn for the tequila…



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  • Anna Roberts

    Brilliant! The first part is very familiar and I know the feeling when you stumble across these little gems. Thanks for sharing,

    • ilovelondontown1

      Thanks so much! You should check out the next VCR night -follow me on twitter @ilovelondontown, I’ll be tweeting about the next one! 🙂

  • Myles

    Appreciate this post. Let me try it out.