Affordable art for your London pad. Introducing artist Daniel Christie


Original art needn’t cost the earth…

I have a terrible memory and unfortunately, my brother experiences the brunt of this every year when his birthday comes along. Despite him being one of my best mates, I’m always stuck as to what to get him and I leave it far too late, then end up giving him a bottle of something alcoholic after the date has passed. This year I was determined to get him a present to make up for all of those wrong doings and I’m so chuffed with my purchase, I felt compelled to share my findings with the whole of London (and the world).

Dan is a very good friend of mine and I’ve been aware of his artistic talents for as long as I’ve known him. His past works which I’ve seen and loved before, have been bold, vivid oils on canvas, wrought with a mysterious narrative. He’s fantastic. Then, recently, he started emailing his friends about a new line which he’s just started selling and for me it was absolute love at first sight.


I’ve always been a fan of Lino prints. I love the simplicity of the way the image is rendered and I love the fact that Dan has printed these in black ink on white paper. It’s the content of the images which I found most enigmatic though, I love how dark they are whilst still remaining beautiful. I fell in love with the Scuba Diver (which made me think of the kind of art which might feature on a Massive Attack album cover) and immediately enquired about prices. How do you put a price on original art?

Turns out, Dan has made his art accessible and for less than £30, I bought the scuba Diver print, mounted and framed for my brother’s birthday. Next time I’m buying for a boy, his website will immediately be my go-to.

Shop here.



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