Burn some calories with great London views: The Monument


If you love exiting Covent Garden Underground via the stairwell, you’ll LOVE this…

When my friends and family visit London, they always get in touch and ask me what my must-visit destinations are. If they’re on a budget but they want to do the ‘touristy thing’ of seeing the sights, I usually suggest they swap The London Eye for a climb up The Monument.

For less than £4 each, The Monument is an ideal way of gaining great views of London’s skyline. From the top you can see The Shard, The Gherkin, the river and all sorts in between. Here’s the catch though; you have to get up the 311 steps first.

No, wait a minute, don’t be put off. It’s a LOT of fun! Granted, if you have a heart problem or you’re pregnant or you’re lazy, maybe give this one a miss. However, if you’re up for it, The Monument is an hilarious challenge which separates the men from the slobs. Plus, all challenges deserve recognition when achieved, so you even get a certificate to prove to your mates that you reached the top, in case they don’t believe you (or care).

Finally, The Monument has a fantastic history to it. It’s 202 feet high and if you lie this giant stone hollow pole (technical description) on its side, the end point marks where the great fire of London is thought to have started, in that little bakery on Pudding Lane.

So get yourself down there! Join the 100,000 people who visit The Monument each year! So, yes, by climbing it, you’re not doing anything new for mankind …but it’s good fun, I promise.

Here’s a short film I made of a day in London. It features The Monument. Take a peek…

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