Five Courses for £25 in Central London: Riverboat Food Festival


A truly unique dining experience in the Capital

All hail the rise of the street food vendor! Every recession-type cloud has many a silver lining and this one in particular involves the boom in rustic food which is cheap as chips yet mindblowingly tasty: Street Food.

I’ve attended so many events over the past few months where the emphasis has been placed on the presence of street food chefs and the place I’m going to rave about in this review acts as a platform for some of the best street foodies in London.

Head to the Riverboat Food Festival where for just £25 a head, you get a five course meal of different courses which are freshly prepared for you on the deck of the boat. The shabby-chic, brightly-coloured harboured vessel perfectly reflects the sunny, daring nature of the food which is served street food style on paper plates or in plastic cups.

However, don’t be fooled by the casual approach to table wear; the food more than delivers, with me declaring that ‘we’ve found a winner!’ with each new course which appears.

Chatting to the people who made this idea a reality (Twenty Something London) they express their passion for fantastic food as well as wanting to provide a platform for emerging street food chefs. Add to that a strong, original drinks menu and panoramic views of London’s skyline and you’ve got yourself a cheap, unusual, full-flavoured night out. We finished with a hand-blended brew from the Good and Proper Tea company which was ‘the best, sweetest Green tea’ my Rugby-playing, alpha-male cousin had ever gotten so excited over.

As the sun set, the evening remained warm and atmospheric as fairy lights and retro music made it easier to stay longer than anticipated. A buzzing atmosphere of chit-chat and friendly staff helped make our night out at the Riverboat Food Festival not only memorable, but somewhere I’d want to return to. For updates on future Riverboat Food Festival events, subscribe to their occasional, non-incessant newsletter via their website!

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