“I accidentally headbutted the wall, I laughed so hard…” – Soho Comedy Club


Alternative abs exercises: Excessive laughter.

I’d been to stand-up before. It was so dire, the only stand-up which occured was when I stood up and walked out. I’m no tough crowd. It’s just that, well, the jokes weren’t funny -which kind of goes against the grain of what I usually expect from a comedy night.

Based on that failure, it’s safe to say I had high expectations. I had an open mind and a hopeful heart but I wanted my laughter to be genuine, teary, belly-laughs as opposed to nervous, pained pity groans.

To Soho Comedy Club we headed; myself and my friend who happens to be a professional stand-up. What better guinea pig to judge gags than a pro-joker? The venue was great; the Empire Casino in Leicester Square -all glittering floors and sparkling chandeliers and drunken gamblers falling off their chairs.

Despite the last point, it felt glamorous and exciting. Walking through Leicester Square and into the Empire Casino would be any visitor to London’s dream, so ‘this is already perfect for visiting friends and family’ I mentally noted, dodging another slumping, inebriated man, heading for the tiles whilst clutching a poker chip.

The comedy started, quickly followed by the laughs. I was shocked to my funny bone regarding how much I howled. I kind of think I over did it slightly -Scott (the funny friend) kept looking over at me in a bemused manner as if to try and work out why I was writhing around in my chair as though I was in pain.

I was in pain -my stomach hurt from all the laughter.

In fact, I accidentally head-butted the wall, I laughed so hard. Not my proudest moment.

The standard of comedy was really high -again, much to my surprise, if I’m honest. I’m a lover of ‘Live at the Apollo’ and I laughed just as much -if not more- than I did at those comedians. What’s more -so did the rest of the room. There’s nothing more amazing than hearing a silent room full of people who are hanging on every word of a performer, to then burst into ear-perferatingly-loud laughter at exactly the same time. There’s also nothing more amazing than the feeling of having laughed hard and constantly for over an hour. Really laughed.

I left that little room with a massive smile on my face and a skip in my step. Laughter is seriously good for the soul, isn’t it? I also felt excited to recommend the night to the whole of London.

Soho Comedy Club is definitely worth checking out, London. There. Mission accomplished. @SohoComedyClub

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afterfocus_1377857375057Joy outside the Casino! Despite the rain.

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