Steak, lobster and cocktails in bags: The Happenstance Bar


 Crustacians, Cows and Cocktails

I Love London Town is all about finding the weird and wonderful in London and encouraging you lot to go ahead and get involved. Well London, I have a great, fun, quirky place to add to the list.

The Happenstance is literally a stones throw from St. Paul’s -and my measly arms really can’t throw very far at all. Walking in, it’s all hustle and bustle, low lighting and gorgeous decor. The entire front of the bar is tiled with pointless-but-adorable tiny drawers and countless bottles sit on shelves behind the serving area. It’s a bit like I’d imagine Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium to be if it was designed for party-loving adults. 

Being led further back into the dining room, we take our seat at a table and immediately spot a fantastic dinner offer; half a lobster, a steak, chips and a glass of Prosecco for a mere £15! Not believing our eyes, we snapped it up quicker than you can say “beefy fishy bubbly”.

Not only was it delicious, it was served so impeccably, it could have passed as a prop dinner for an M&S advert.

Perhaps something which caused quite a stir on the Twitter page, however, were the cocktails. I ordered a cocktail which included a goldfish carved from orange peel and was served in a fresh-from-the-funfair plastic bag. No really. Hannah ordered a Marshmallow Colada which came in a see through plastic pineapple with a barbershop style drinking straw and a paper umbrella which was immediately placed into the hair of some drunken passer-by.

Ok, it was my own hair.

Both tasted great and were brilliantly strong. At I Love London Town, I have this excellent saying which fills me with delight when I get to use it. Tonight, I can include it, by saying the cocktails fell into the ‘One Sip and I’m Drunk’ bracket. *party blower*

Overall, we loved our visit to The Happenstance and recommend it with bells on. We left with broad smiles, with our heads held high, our bellies full and our brains wonderfully fuzzy-drunk. WIN!

The Happenstance: EC4M 7AA / Twitter: @Happenstancebar












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