The September line-up at the Rooftop Film Club


 Have you been yet?

It’s been running for a good number of years now and has become a firm favourite for countless Londoners -including me -so if you’ve not done the Rooftop Film Club yet, I don’t know what on Earth you’re playing at.

If ever I have people visiting London -friends or family -I’ll always take them to the Rooftop Film Club because I absolutely promise that it never fails to amaze.

Watch classic and cult films with blankets and headphones on the roof of a beautiful building in London. Choose from four locations including Peckham Rye, Shoreditch, Ealing and Kensington. Eat great food, buy popcorn or indulge in a beer -however you do it, there’s something indescribably special about watching one of your favourite films in amongst an audience.

All of the films I’ve ever seen at the Rooftop Film Club I already own on DVD because the point is to enjoy it on the big screen.

The September program for the Rooftop Film Club is an absolute CORKER. Capitals are necessary. Personal favourites of mine include Drive, The Jungle Book, American Psycho, Alien, Labyrinth, Midnight in Paris, E.T, Anchorman, Top Gun and There’s Something About Mary.

Believe me when I say this is skimming the surface of an incredible array of films. Check the full programme out here.

To get an idea of what a night at the Rooftop Film Club is like, view the video below:

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