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 Don’t miss what’s right in front of you!

You really can live somewhere your whole life until, one day, someone asks if you knew about ‘that little spot’ down ‘that side street’ to the left of ‘that brick wall’. Before you know it, you’re discovering you’ve lived right next to an absolute gem of a place without even realising it was there.

Well, whether we’re talking about a lifetime or a year or even just a month of living somewhere, let me recommend YouK Tours to you. These are walking tours around parts of London with tour guide Noelle, who points out all the hidden little hotspots which you may well miss out on if you haven’t previously had your wits about you.

Noelle moved to London a few years ago, having spent previous years visiting our glorious city from her home in the US. After finally making the move, she plastered her walls with London street maps and ever since doing so, she’s painstakingly marked off all of the streets she’s covered, one-by-one, as-and-when she discovers them. I thought I was London obsessed, but to say that Noelle is fixated on this place is something of an understatement.

This is great news for us! You see, I thought I’d come to know London in some detail. However, when I did the tour, much to my delight, I, too, discovered countless unknown streets and new haunts which are well worth knowing about. From cafes to little eateries, wine bars to unique boutique shops, I emerged from the tour clutching a list of new must-visit places.

Not only are the tours for discovering London on a more in-depth level, they are also incredibly sociable too, as we all chatted and chin-wagged our way through the route, getting to know one another and making new friends.

Finally, I was amazed at how relaxing the entire affair was. As I explained to Noelle, when I go to work or travel to do reviews, I either have music assaulting my ears or I have my eyes glued to a map. Noelle’s tour made me realise I never walk through London to just SEE London. This tour opened my eyes. With someone else leading the way, I was purely focused on really taking in the city I know so well. Despite walking through busy, bustling areas of London, I felt really peaceful and chilled out.

This tour is the ideal way to spend a post-work evening; making new friends, finding new hang-outs and really seeing London.

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Enjoying a fresh iced tea from one place we discovered, whilst lounging in a public park in the middle of busy London, ie, another place we discovered…

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