“How the HELL did he do that??!” – The Card Shark show, London.


 Incredible trickery and showmanship: The Card Shark Show

Lets call a spade ‘a spade’ -hand on heart, this show is ace so join the club and get yourself along to see The Card Shark show at The Royal Institution in Mayfair.

If you noticed my stomach-churningly-bad puns in that first sentence, you clearly don’t miss a trick. Sorry. I’ll stop now.

What I’m saying is that your powers of observation serve you well. However, the incredibly slick sleight of hand which you’ll miss being demonstrated in this show is so subtle, it’ll have you shaking your head whilst clapping and cheering emphatically, throwing your hat in the air whilst shouting hallelujah. If not, you’ll certainly want to behave like a church pastor, rejoicing at having witnessed a miracle.

The tricks and card displays demonstrated will honestly leave your jaw dropped. You’ll find yourself falling into that ‘rent-a-crowd’ style of reactions -at one point, I actually ‘Aaah’ed. That’s what this show does to you. He’s explaining what he’s going to do whilst looking at the crowd and doing cheeky, calculated little shuffles of cards but you never really believe it until you see it; he turns over the cards or fans out the entire pack across the table and you can’t believe what you’re seeing.

This show is brilliant. That’s the only way I can sum it up. Performed by Steve Truglia, he’s warm, engaging and you want him to succeed. You’re immediately on his side, so you can imagine how easily a tear was brought to my eye when he announced that this show is a result of his life savings. I can vouch that’s true -my plus one is a friend of a friend of Steve’s. He didn’t know that but yeah, we’re practically mates.

This show regales you with the history of card sharks and gamblers in a fantastic setting of what’s like a miniature theatre in Mayfair. There are mini ganster films. There’s moody piano jazz music. Steve wears brogues and braces. It oozes 1900’s gambler and I loved it, feeling thankful at having order a jack and coke earlier -very fitting, I nodded.

The best news is that you can sit anywhere. If you’re on a budget, buy affordable seats because the entire back wall hosts an enormous close-up projection of Steve’s quick-moving hands and cards, meaning no matter where you’re sitting, you have a great view. The setting is also fabulous -just off Old Bond Street, so you waltz through your fair share of Chanel, Michael Kors and Dior before settling into your budget seats.

I left feeling amazed, feeling glamorous and feeling …very much like I wanted to watch Gangs of New York …or Casino …or that one minute scene in Titanic where Jack wins that card game (mainly just to stare at Leo. So sue me).

If you’re a fan of trickery, illusion, cards, poker, magic or brogues, get yourself along to this show. You won’t be disappointed.

@CardSharkShow – Visit the website and book tickets here.




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