#London -do yourself a favour and read this review. Gingerline is back.


 Hold your breath and say a prayer…

There are those events in London which you wish you could experience. The ones you long to get tickets for, but never can because it’s not …special, it’s an entirely higher echelon beyond special and everyone and his Uncle want tickets too.

Well, London, after two years (yes, two years) of waiting, I hope to be able to tell you my wait is finally over. Gingerline is back …and I think I have tickets.

I’m going to tell you what I know about it -because in truth, no one knows much. It’s shrouded in mystery.

Gingerline HQ (Full name terms. I can full-name it, now I’m in) is a truly unique dining experience. It’s one of those London nights where, by buying your tickets, you’re taking a leap of faith because you don’t actually know what you’ll be doing until one hour before kick off. When that time does come, you receive a text message from the Gingerliners, who’ll inform you which overground station you need to go to on the Orange Overground line or, as it’s becoming known, the Ginger line.

Those lucky ticket holders have a limited time to get there, so they’re already dressed and well-prepared. The text arrives, they gather their directions, they drop everything and run. What happens next is beyond you and I…

Past events have included hungry diners scrambling through a confusing labyrinth of corridors and doors into the twister world of dark puppeteers. Or the year when those unsuspecting folk were dragged into a candlelit chapel and fed incredibly rich delicacies whilst being oggled by performers and somewhat disturbing individuals. Then, finally, my personal favourite example which took place in a Submarine mess hall and was called ‘Dive and Dine’ -you can fill the rest in yourself.

It’s absolutely bonkers and I want in. All I know about their upcoming event is that it’s called ‘The Hideout’. A name which doesn’t fill me with assurance that I won’t be abandoned somewhere dark and terrifying. I can only imagine what it’ll entail.

Follow @Gingerline for updates on when tickets are released into the wild and London …make space in your diary. It’s on it’s way to a ginger line station near you.

Click here to visit Gingerline’s website.

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