The Diner, Soho: Start your day on an American breakfast! (Be prepared you may leave drunk.)


“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day…”

…It’s also the most underwhelming. For me, anyway. I know I’m part of a minority, but I find a bowl of wet bran or dried bread with butter on it the most dull way ever to begin a new day. This is the reason why I get so overwhelmingly excited by American breakfasts.

The Diner in Soho promise to deliver the ultimate American breakfast and it starts as soon as you walk through the door. The decor of The Diner delivers myself and my plus one to a place I could only ever dream existed: Grease-in-real-life. Ever since I first saw that film, I’ve been fixated with 1950’s America, so walking into this place makes my eight year old self overly excited at the thought of singing Beauty School Drop Out over a stack of pancakes.

We make our way over to a table which, to my delight, screams vintage diner. We’re talking red leather booths, polished wood tables, bottles of sauces and a moody orange pool of light coming from our individual fifties table lamp. I grab a menu and assess the situation; yes, they do pancakes. Yes, they do milkshakes. I’m sorted.

The bonus about The Diner though, is the fact that they do ‘Hard Shakes’. These are the grown up, rebellious version of the stuff you sipped at your tenth birthday party. It’s the milkshake every other milkshake wishes it was: Extra boozy. I had a rum based one, my plus one opted for Vodka (first thing in the morning. No messing). Both were delicious -but filling. Be warned.

My fifties American breakfast fantasy had been granted. The pancakes were beautifully fluffy and came drenched in blueberries and maple syrup. My plus ones Eggs Piglet were cooked beautifully and the pulled pork it came served with tasted amazing. Lastly, we both left happy and drunk, stumbling into the streets of Soho, shrieking with delight, full of the joys of Spring, before midday.

All in all, the perfect breakfast.

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