A London burlesque show of the highest standard…


Baroque: The Playboy Club, Mayfair

I’d been to see Burlesque before; it was an utter disaster. My first -and until recently -my only experience of what is meant to be a seductive strip tease ended up being a clumsy display of cheap nipple tassles and ripped fishnets. It was like stumbling into the red light district instead of being chauffeured to the Moulin Rouge -an altogether disappointment and let down.

So imagine my relief when Hugh Hefner emailed, inviting me to come and experience real, genuine, beautiful burlesque in non other than the Playboy Club in Mayfair.

(Disclaimer: It may not have been from Hugh. But I bet it was.)

Along we went to Mayfair, having suitably sunk a bottle of Prosecco and out of a black cab we stumbled. The Playboy Club was everything we expected it to be; glitter, glamour and bunny girls, of course. It’s always one of those places I’ve wanted to visit and experience at least once, so being served cocktails by Playboy girls was a novelty, somewhat.

The burlesque begun and I was immediately transfixed. The standard was incredibly high and every act was beautiful or sexy, funny or teasing with plumes of feathers and amazing costumes included. As I later explained to a friend “less was left to the imagination than I expected -boobs and bums everywhere” which is a colloquial yet accurate way of explaining the level of strip tease at the Playboy Club.

Then, as if straight out of a Hollywood film, a giant cake arrived and out pranced a Marilyn Monroe-esque, basque-cladded dancer, dripping in diamonds and sparkling from head to toe. After performing a very seductive number, she shook up a bottle of bubbly and soaked us all as we cheered and lapped it up.

The whole night was a glamorous whirlwind of fun, feathers and frolicking. We left with dizzy heads, smiling faces and a camera full of photos knowing that now we’d really seen burlesque.

As a quick ps: Be prepared to shell out for drinks. It’s a fabulous night, but being The Playboy Club and being in Mayfair does have its costs. If you’re on a budget, avoid Champagne -I paid £56 for two glasses of bubbles. Ouchee.






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