The Blitz Party, Shoreditch: London’s homage to Wartime Britain’s party scene

The Blitz Party, Village Underground, Shoreditch

I’d heard so much about The Blitz Party in East London, so finally being able to go was exciting. This considered, you’d think we’d have planned our outfits way in advance. You’d be wrong. I know from similar London parties that dressing up is always taken very seriously so was annoyed at myself when the day rolled around and I had nothing to wear.

One wardrobe-dig later and we were suitably attired in war-time get-up, hair in curlers with red lipstick finishing it all off nicely.

Sure enough, everyone went the full nine yards -much to my delight, as I found myself surrounded by men in military dress. I was also utterly wowed by the venue -Village Underground is a huge warehouse-style party space with 40’s-style spot lights, sand bags everywhere and vintage memorabilia to complete the look.

It was like jiving onto a film set. The seven-piece swing band were fantastic and seemed to bring the 40’s dance moves out in everybody. The atmosphere was electric and everyone was in fantastic spirits. Finally, as the night warmed up and everyone had sunk a drink or two, the party was amped-up a notch or four with the help of a confetti cannon, which showered us with red, white and blue ticker tape.

We danced until our feet hurt, laughed until our stomachs ached and had more photos taken with faux military men than I can recollect. All in all, The Blitz Party was as fantastic as I’d always hoped it might be.





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