Beat the January blues, London! Earlham St. Clubhouse: Guaranteed good times!


 Everything you loved as a kid is even better as a drunk adult…

There are some things in life which seem to effortlessly go hand-in-hand with fun, happiness and a damn good time. Namely, anything which runs along the theme of retro, classic America is guaranteed to tick this box. Such examples include anything to do with the American Pie movies, Friends, Saved by the Bell, Back To The Future… in other words, give me a pair of high tops or floppy curtained hair and I’m 100% committed with blissful nostalgia and wide-eyed enthusiasm.

If you can relate to this, London, I have some great news for you.  Going to Earlham St. Clubhouse in Covent Garden was basically like stepping into a world of the old-school American dream. If you grew up in the 80’s or 90’s, this place has taken everything from your childhood and added booze and pizzas. Plus, it’s underground and has low ceilings, an amazing interior and funky lighting, so arguably it’s like the coolest kids den there ever was. Also, add to that the endless touches of novelty which clearly indicate that some interior designer has had an absolute field day with this place.

Quirky additions include burger phones on tables (to phone the hot stranger on the table next to you), cocktail names such as ‘Rollin’ With Ma Homies’, a ‘Tunnel of Love’ section of the restaurant and an absolute beast of a jukebox. As if it didn’t look sexy enough, the jukebox actually plays host to an App called Secret DJ which allows you to control the playlist from where you’re sat. This means that by using Earlham St.’s uber funky playlist you can subliminally send music messages to the hot stranger too. Or you can choose to play ‘Mmm Bop’ to a bar full of people without accepting the blame.

The pizzas are sublime -go for a ‘Ross and Rachel’; half-and-half toppings, meaning technically you’re kind of getting two pizzas. Crack onto the cocktail list, line up some great guilt-free tunes and soak up the lively, infectiously fun atmosphere.

It was instant love, for me -so much so, that I actually visited this place twice in one week -a first for me in London. Start your 2014  on a great note -go and discover Earlham St. Clubhouse. 

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