If you love little men …and football …and booze, this place ‘kicks’ all those boxes.

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 Bar Kick: Where scoring’s guaranteed…

So I’m not really a football fan. Whenever a big game is on, I basically end up staring at the screen gormlessly whilst nursing a much needed drink to numb the boredom and confusion.

Over the years I must have agreed to support hundreds of teams to please one friend or another. Or I decided to support a particular team purely based on the well-coordinated colours of their uniform. Failing that, I’ve followed teams based on how many players I fancied. What can I say, I’m not massively well-informed.

(…Is it even called a uniform?!)

Anyway, this hate suddenly changes when the footballers are 3cm high and skewered in a long line on metal sticks. I’m not referring to a Polly Pocket Barbecue, before you make assumptions. Table football is the sport in question, here. Or as the french call it – ‘Baby foot’ – adorable right?

If you love balls, booze and banter as much as I do (leave it…) then Bar Kick is definitely the place you need to get to. It’s in the heart of quirky Shoreditch which is reflected in its buzzing atmosphere and alternative decor -which in itself is a winner.

Gather some friends, grab a table, buy six-too-many happy hour drinks and get those teeny men dancing.

This is a regular haunt of mine and I cannot recommend it enough if you’re looking for a fun night.

I love this place! I’m not sure if my presence is massively appreciated. I tend to spend most of my time screaming and chasing balls around the bar (leeeave it…) which I catapult off the table as a result of my unexpectedly powerful wrist actions. However, all prejudiced girls-and-football associations aside (although I haven’t really helped myself, given the past 200 words) I actually ‘kick’ ass at Baby Foot.

So next time you’re in Bar Kick, if you see me, challenge me to a game at your peril. Unless the loser buys the drinks, in which case, let’s go.

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This review was brought to you by guest writer and miniature footballing guru Lydia Gray. 

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