Forge and Co, Shoreditch – Not just a restaurant. Or a bar. Or a coffee shop. Or… Ok, enough.


Forge and Co: So much going on under one roof

‘Multipurpose’ is an under appreciated concept. You know when you buy a tent which you can also wear as a coat. Or you invest in a pen which is also a suitcase. Everyone loves to thoroughly rinse the potential out of anything they can, which is why Forge and Co in Shoreditch is absolutely smashing it.

Having only opened in April 2014, Forge and Co is starting to gain real traction in being recognised as an invaluable addition to London’s East End. It doesn’t just double up as two things, it quintuples up as five different mind-blowingly cool as hell platforms.

During the day, Forge and Co acts as a glorious alternative to your generic corporate coffee chain for those individuals who carry their careers with them and work on the go. No longer do you have to spend the equivalent cost of a seven day travel card to sup on an overly-sweetened, Luke-warm coffee with your misspelt name scrawled on the side of the cup. Your hard days work doesn’t have to be accompanied by the standard ‘Easy Coffeehouse Jazz – Volume 16 – Disc 6’ album which is a carbon copy of all the other hundreds of volumes and discs but with different art work, in order to connect to wifi and get some goddamn work done.

Get your free-wifi, refreshing-music, decent-coffee fix at Forge and Co, for crying out loud. It also happens to come with a side-serving of  suave.

Lounge on a super-sophisticated seventies chez whilst surrounded by beautiful furnishings and beautiful people. The interior design is so sexy, it makes you want to take out a freakin’ furniture mortgage so you can live on that chez forever. Incidentally, you may find this helps manifest an aspirational work ethic. I found myself supping on their smooth-as-silk flat whites whilst admiring the copper-clad walls and uber-stylish soft furnishings thinking “I want this. I want all of this. This lifestyle suits me…” and I ended up doing the best days work I’ve done in a long time.

You can either occupy the welcoming velvet bosom of one of the many armchairs or alternatively you can get involved with the communal movement which is all the rage in London these days, by sharing the long collaborative table with other Forge-goers.



When all those hard-working book worms and the inspiring entrepreneurs of tomorrow and the grossly hungover students (who think that sitting in front of a laptop on standby means they’re working) have left for the day, Forge and Co morphs into a warmly lit intimate restaurant serving richly-flavoured British dishes. The menu is inundated with unusual offerings and eclectic medleys which makes for a refreshing change from ordering the usual go-to favourites. We opted for a pork pie starter which rocked up with an apple and mango piccalilli which, to be frank, was the absolute bees knees. This sat alongside our other choice of leek and caerphilly croquettes which, truth be told, we ordered because neither one of us were entirely sure what the hell caerphilly was. Turns out it’s a damn tasty cheese and the entire dish evoked a wealth of very inappropriate noises of appreciation to the chef which definitely made the people at the table next to us hellishly uncomfortable. Our mains were equally as satisfying whilst retaining that air of menu rebellion we’d quickly become fans of. Beef burger? Mate. Not at Forge. We went for an ox heart burger (y’know?) which was certainly a different take on the usual -in a good way. The lamb dish accompanied this, which was cooked to fibrously-squidgy, juice-oozing perfection (I never claimed to be a food critic) and I actually palm-hushed my plus-one mid-sentence with closed eyes to enable me to finish my blissfully perfect mouthful of sheep in silence.

Another aspect of Forge and Co is the sprawling bar, so aesthetically pleasing it makes anyone who sits up to it look like an absolute baller. With more back-lit booze bottles and upside-down hanging glasses than you can shake a cocktail at, it’s an ideal place to meet friends for low-scale drinks or clients for high-scale meetings.

Additionally, Forge and Co have a great sized function room for public hire which boasts many an advantage. In my opinion, the main advantage of which being that Forge is located opposite Shoreditch High Street Overground station so is, I’d estimate, approximately a mere four minute post-Christmas-party drunken-stagger to get to. (I’m a forward thinker.)

Finally, for those looking to make their mobile office more permanent than wifi and a coffee shop, Forge and Co have a collaborative space upstairs which offers hot desks for anyone wanting to set up an office space away from home. Following suit on the interior design front, the office space breathes the same executive luxe charm from every light fitting and soft furnishing going. There’s also a communal kitchen and various meeting rooms for ease of running a business efficiently. Oh, and a wicked water fountain for the Monday morning procrastinating gossip time.

So there. All quintuple ways that Forge and Co might very possibly blow your mind box right open. See you there. I’ll be the one sprawled on the chez eating pork pie.





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