London // Music: One to Watch – Charlotte OC


Charlotte OC impresses with vocals and original music

It was a frantic race to make it across London that particular Thursday night to see the gig we’d planned on checking out. The artist was Charlotte OC and besides having seen some well-lit, moody head shots, we didn’t really know much more about her.

Arriving just in time, we fought our way to the front as a beautiful model-esque singer skulked onto the stage and started her set off with ‘Hangover’ as her chosen first track. Charlotte OC -a derivative from her surname O’Connor -took an immediate hold over every person present with her undeniably mesmerising stage-presence and penetratively haunting voice.

Dressed entirely in black with matching shaded, heavy-fringed hair, this girl initially seemed more suited to a double page spread in Vogue. However, in terms of strengths, her aesthetics surprisingly take second place in comparison to her incredible voice and her massive command of the crowd.

Having been likened to artists such as Banks, Sade and Lana Del Rey, her bluesy, synth-laced tracks all provide immediate hooks which make them easily likeable and memorable. Additionally, they’re made up of cliché-free, well-written lyrics. That said, it’s Charlotte’s voice which dominates.  It’s an entirely flawless vocal range which hushes everyone watching.

Highlights of the gig included other well-performed tracks such as ‘Colour My Heart’, ‘Cut The Rope’ and ‘Stolen Car’, plus an acoustic rendition of ‘Touch Me’ by Rui De Silva -for which OC called upon the minimal well-arranged use of her black electric guitar. This latter performance, having been totally stripped back and transformed, spell-bound the lively crowd to an atmospheric pin-drop silence.

The final track which wrapped the set up involved OC giving it her all and reaping a well-earned rapturous applause from her now adoring audience. Charlotte OC is undoubtedly one to watch, London.

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