Burger Me: This Latin street food Pop-up will blow your sombrero off



NB. The UIMG boys are no longer at this location. Please check their website to see where they’re popping up next http://upinmygrill.co.uk/

You’ve got until the end of this year, London. Time’s ticking by and this is something you shouldn’t approach casually. The Ultimate Pop-up Latin American-Inspired Burger-Vendor dudes have moved their street food set-up to the old petrol station on Shoreditch High St – but they went for a far less complicated name and instead operate under the guise of Up In My Grill.

Believe me when I say that this sauce-wielding team of two absolutely will get up in your grill with their somewhat ingenious medleys of ingredients and flavours. Oh, they’ll get up in there, alright – waving their spatula in your faces with their self-assured burger confidence – and you know what? They fully deserve to be as cocksure as they like because we nipped along to Pump in Shoreditch to try their offerings and we were rendered speechless by how goddamn tasty they were.


These guys prove that less is definitely more. There are just two choices on their blackboard: the chorizo burger and the halloumi burger (for all you veggies out there). We had one of each and did halvsies, just to be fair. It’s borderline shameful to admit the following, but we’re all friends here; I’d say we probably put those creations away in less than two minutes. If we’d have been in America, we’d have qualified for some sort of accolade for our grossly rapid consumption speeds. Soon enough we were faced with the sorry sight of what had once been our battle ground; empty abandoned plates, discarded fragments of broken plastic cutlery and remnants of juice-splattered lettuce shreds. They were the only remains which told our tale of triumph. Well, that, and the fact that we were wildly applauding and high-fiving the chefs with unrestrained levels of enthusiasm – which left them somewhat bemused, I’m sure.

If, like me, you hate the disappointment which arrives when an amazingly tasty meal you’ve eaten is over, maybe take more time over enjoying these wonderful culinary parcels. In fact, do one hundred chews per mouthful to really get bang for your buck. If people stare at you all agog, screw them. They don’t have a face full of euphoria-inducing flavours, so you’re the last one laughing (hopefully with your hand over your patty-stuffed mouth).


All the ingredients used are carefully sourced and cherry-picked from the best UK suppliers going, which I like to think makes this burger healthier than other burgers. Nutritious, even. In fact, arguably, you could say that we’d basically eaten a super-food salad. The chorizo burger has chorizo minced through the meat and boasts an incredible array of full-bodied, Mexican flavours. The halloumi burger was silly-good. It involved everyone’s favourite cheese melted over grilled courgettes. Tom’s not really an emphatic fromage fan, so imagine his shock when he realised he was massively into what were essentially huge lumps of cheese in a brioche bun.  Additionally, I didn’t even realise I wasn’t eating meat until two days later, when I was talking about the amazing halloumi ‘patty’ again, only to have Tom politely point out that it was in fact patty (and therefore, meat) free. I found this hard to comprehend, but I’m slowly coming to terms with it.  Both burgers come with chimichurri and guajillo ketchup  which help create the kind of mouth party you’d RSVP to every time. The Up In My Grill boys are also utter spice fiends, so ask to try a squirt of their homemade hot sauce – then try and persuade them to bottle and sell it like I did. I’d have that stuff on my cereal.

The Up In My Grill duo are crazy-friendly and had practically pulled up two stools for the pair of us before we’d even got off the bus. We sat and chatted to them about a variety of subjects, including their choice of soft drinks on sale – the irresistibly old-school Rio Tropical. We learnt about how their worldwide travels to South America had influenced the food we were filling our bellies with. The chef also casually regaled us with tales of his second job as a downhill bike mechanic. So, you see, this isn’t just a burger. It’s an education.

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Up In My Grill aren’t at Pump for very long – only for 3 weeks in fact, so you haven’t got time to mess about. It’s a stone’s throw from Shoreditch High Street station, making it really easy to get to. Don’t leave it until tomorrow, get going today. Like, now. Go. Go get your shoes on.



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