Buh-bye, boring breakfasts – Bunnychow’s award-winning one is the UK’s ‘Most Innovative’


You know on those God-awful talent shows which Simon Cowell has created to fund his collection of cribz and honeyz? The ones where winners always have stories which make their performances seem epic? So that when you’ve heard about their ‘journey’, which is always an ’emotional rollercoaster’, their rendition of Lionel Richie’s All Night Long somehow makes you feel special things in your pants? I don’t know how it works either, but one thing I do know is that there’s an X Factor contestant hidden in a little Soho eatery called Bunnychow and I think you’re going to want to pick up your phone and vote for them once you’ve heard their story and then experienced their performance.

In the same way that your generic Dave on X Factor with the voice like Barry White started as a plumber from Derby, Bunnychow started small too. They were operating out of a van at festivals, serving their food to hungry music fans who quickly fell in love with their grub. Things started getting wild and Bunnychow then moved into the realm of the pop-up, taking up various residencies at different places across London including BoxPark, where they wowed the bellies of East Londoners beyond belief. Finally, they gained enough recognition to go from temporary to permanent and soon enough, they opened their first restaurant on Wardour Street in Soho which should be the final chapter to this story before they go on stage. Microphone in hand. Lionel Richie lyrics in their heads. Except the story doesn’t end there, London.


Bunnychow don’t actually need you to be taken by their story and they certainly don’t need you to metaphorically cast your vote because they’ve already won. A short time after they opened the doors of their restaurant, they only went and scooped an award. Not just any award. They won the UK’s Most Innovative Breakfast award.

What. Cheeky little mothers.

Suddenly, this X Factor contestant went from fixing sinks in the Midlands to not being able to leave their house without being mobbed by screaming teenage girls. Or something.


What actually happened was …word quickly spread about this place and the whole of London descended on their premises to chow down on their bunnies. In fact, they recently SOLD OUT OF FOOD at their shop, pre-1pm. Sold out. Of ingredients. London had eaten their shelves bare. The only thing they could offer customers was engaging conversation and a bum pinch.

So how the hell did they get here? Rivalling the popularity of One Direction. Just about.

Well, Bunnychow went above and beyond. They took risks. They punched above their weight. They changed the face of eating. It worked.


A ‘bunny’ is a South African fast food dish. It’s basically a hollowed-out mini loaf of bread with whatever filling in the middle. Like a bread-y bowl. Like a sandwich on acid. So, the award-winning breakfast we speak of is a full English – complete with homemade black pudding, beans, sausages, a fried egg, mushrooms – but it’s all served in a hollowed out brioche loaf. Their day-time menu involves fillings such as South African curries, piri-piri pulled pork, spicy chicken and mango concoctions and a veggie option. They even do gluten-free bread and trust me when I say, it’s not like normal gluten-free bread. In other words, it actually tastes like real bread.


As if this whole thing couldn’t get any more exciting, you’ll want to give Bunnychow a standing ovation when you learn that they actually serve these genius-parcels all the live-long day. Yeah, seriously, you can have Bunnychows for lunch and dinner too. Plus, in the evenings, the booze comes out and things get jazzy. My days. They just get it, don’t they?

So now that you know their story, it makes loving them even easier when you eat what it is that they’re creating. They’re going to seduce you with their rendition of Lionel Richie. You’re going to buy their first album. You’ll definitely have their poster on your ceiling because unlike Cowell’s efforts (in which he’s hypnotising the world to love whatever it is he’s shovelling which, essentially, is god-awful) Bunnychow are genuinely shovelling incredible foods right into your mouths and you’ll love every dirty little moment of it.




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