Burgers for breakfast? Oh, Honest Burgers, you dream


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Honest Burgers moved East…and they’re killing it with breakfasts.

At the time of writing this, it’s just turned 4pm, yet I’m still re-living this morning’s breakfast on a slow-mo looped scene in my head like a meaty little feature film. My day’s been a bit of a blur as a result of the heaven-sent start to my Tuesday. I couldn’t tell you what I ate for lunch. Did I even eat lunch?! I don’t care.  I’m on my knees, scrabbling around, picking up the remnants of my head after my mindbox was blown wide open by the fact that technically, I kind of ate burgers for breakfast this morning, courtesy of Honest Burgers and their new breakfast menu.

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I ‘honest’-ly never thought I’d see the day that I slammed the door shut on McMuffins as being the ultimate hangover breakfast but it’s happened and I’m not even sorry. Certainly not as sorry as I am about that ‘honest’-ly moment back there, but this is what I’m talking about; Honest Burgers‘ breakfast will cloud your judgement and lead you down a sorry path of idiocy with how ridiculous it is.

For instance, have a perve over Honest Burgers‘ ‘Honest Muffin’. There’s so much honesty here, you can’t help but fall in love for everything it stands for.


Look at it. Seriously.

If we’re being honest (which my ‘honest’ word counter indicates we probably are) I feel a bit deceived by Ronald and his now-faded attempt at a breakfast creation. Sorry Ronald, you’re just not for me anymore. The Honest Muffin involves a sausage and sage patty, a fried egg, black pudding and cheese piled up in a glorious English muffin. Falling in love with the Honest Muffin is inevitable, becoming fixated with them and stalking their Facebook page is also very possible. In fact, I’ve just decided whilst writing this, I’m going back to Honest Burgers tomorrow for another one. Even better, I’ll take my laptop with me and work from the restaurant whilst eating a relentlessly-ongoing supply of Honest Muffins. That’s a far superior plan. Black pudding for Christ’s sake. I mean, I’m not even a massive fan of black pudding, but the addition is inspired. I’m eternally grateful to Honest Burgers whilst growing utterly furious with all other golden-arched establishments for missing this vital piece of the puzzle this entire time.

*NB. I’m really sorry Ronald – I’m just reflecting on this during my breakfast-loving insensibility. Of course you’re for me. I love your double cheeseburgers and your nightmare-inducing clown make up.

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The genius of Honest Burgers doesn’t stop there though. All burgers are served with rosti chips with rosemary salt, which were also magnificent. They’ve also catered for the veggies via their potato and mushroom rosti muffin. I had a bite. It was incredible. I’ve literally got no idea what they did to it, but there could’ve been meat in there for all I knew.

Oh, and if you’re thinking “…that seems like a lot of wheat…” as I’m sure you most certainly are, stop that now. It’s all gluten-free, even my new favourite; the black pudding.

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We’ve been a big fan of Honest Burgers since I first ventured into their flagship eatery in Brixton and it’s awesome to see them expanding. The boys really have done us proud. Three years on and Liverpool Street is their eigth home and hopefully not their last. My only hope is that they roll out their brekkie menu to their other locations. Also, maybe that they start doing deliveries. To my office. Every day. For free.  That way I –Ok, and the whole of London, can worship the new king of the most important meal of the day. Up top HB, you breakfast-burger-black pudding wizards. Now go make me another muffin, stat.

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    Can I just say yuuuuuuuum!

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