DIY t-shirt printing at The Book Club


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I once had to guess the start date of The Weakest Link – to the exact day – as a final question in a pub quiz and ended up hitting the nail on the head and winning the entire thing, didn’t I? I was spot on. I took a stab in the dark with my answer and scooped the grand prize, thus ironically making myself the strongest link. So in terms of drink-related activities, it’s safe to say I’ve had all the fun I can have out of a pub quiz.

Looking for pub quiz alternatives, I headed straight to The Book Club‘s website where they have an awesome rundown of boozey after school clubs. I decided that Tom and I would greatly benefit (as the well-rounded human beings that we are) from learning how to print our own t-shirts. Maybe I’d print my own face on a t-shirt and try selling it to Topshop, seeing as they didn’t have much luck with their Rihanna ones. Drinking wine and getting jazzy with a craft knife sounded right up our street so along we popped, one Wednesday evening, with high hopes of becoming the next Stella McCartney.



Morris was our art teacher for the session. I wasn’t used to his teaching methods, mainly because when I told him my idea, he didn’t tell me to completely change everything about it so that it involved his idea instead. Ahh, A-Level art teacher memories.

…Clearly I have some harboured animosity towards my art teachers of old, but Morris was super-chilled, open-minded and greatly encouraging. What a hero. “Do what you like!” was the general consensus, whilst running in-line with a gentle set of guidelines so that our designs actually printed.



A short time later, I’d drawn my design out. I went for a hybrid of two 2014 Tom Ford fashion adverts, merged together to create a racey depiction of an 80’s inspired woman, biting a man’s finger. Tom went for a pineapple. Sure.

Well, actually, less is more. His outstripped mine beyond words, but don’t tell him i said that.

Before long, we were scoring and scalpel-ing away. With a bit of guidance, Morris showed us how to work the printing press like a boss and soon enough my hands were covered in ink and my design was drying in the corner.



What a wicked cool way to spend an evening. It didn’t involve any Weakest Link-related questions which is always a bonus, plus we walked out of there with some pretty funkytown tees. I wore Tom’s to work the next day which resulted in many-a-compliment. Plus, one colleague remarked that I’d have people staring at my pineapple rather than my melons all day long.


Either way, this class was well worth getting involved with. We left drunk, t-shirts in hands, smiles on faces, feeling happily creative.




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