Work near Holborn? Get down to Grill Market, the awesome new lunch spot


Tom and I work within a ten minute bike ride of each other. Now and again, one will bike over to the other, or we’ll meet in the middle and combine forces for a ‘super-happy-fun-lunch’. At least, that’s always our intention.

The middle point for us is around the area of Holborn, central London. You’d think we’d be overrun with lunch options. Drowning, in them. Trying to tread water whilst thousands of amazing little Holborn-based eateries throw themselves at us. Sinking us to the bottom like those colourful little bricks you have to fetch from the pool floor during kiddie swimming lessons.


But no. There’s no drowning. I’m not even struggling to stay afloat. In fact, I feel like this lack of little central London eateries is acting like a garish neon-pink dingy which is washing us back to the shores of Starvation Island. Our ‘super-happy-fun-lunch’ attempts had grown pretty desperate over the few weeks leading up to our eventual discovery. Lunching in London during lunch breaks can all-too-often be a series of lazy retreats to your nearest generic red American food chain which pretends to be a French artisan eatery. What’s worse, Tom and I went to the park last week with a bag of raw broccoli and a pot of hummus.




Our tragic central London lunching routines shall no longer be so dire. Thankfully, we found exactly what we were looking for, operating under the guise of Grill Market Holborn. A small-but-perfectly-formed lunch restaurant which prepares incredible fresh salads, curries and vegetable dishes from scratch every day, as well as making amazing cakes and pastries.

We went and tried several dishes which filled our table with the multi-colours of all the fresh ingredients. A rainbow of healthy eating, if you will. There wasn’t a single stale white baguette present but instead, we had the most awesome lamb curry you’d ever want to get in your belly at 12.45pm on a Tuesday. We also sampled the spiced chicken with pomegranate glaze and accompanied it with two superfood smoothies which were all delicious. The best bit was the pick ‘n’ mix salad options – it was the most guilt-free pick ‘n’ mix fun we’d had, ever.

Sure, I’ll try some quinoa with some Thai slaw. I don’t even really know what pearl barley is but I’ll have it with asparagus and that lemon vinaigrette. Stick some of that kale, pecorino, walnuts and mandarin dressing in there too, just to cover all bases. Better to be safe than sorry as my Mother always taught me.

Amazingly, the whole thing came to less than a tenner each which, when you consider we’d had a freshly prepared, sit-down meal, was pretty impressive, really.




The menu is regularly changing, the food tastes amazing and it’s all super-healthy, meaning when you do get washed up onto the shores of Starvation Island again, at least you can strip off down to your kegs and go for a paddle whilst feeling healthy and trim. Get to Holborn, get to Grill Market, get a lamb curry… or anything else on the menu. We promise you won’t regret it.







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