Want an awesome pizza in Central? Go see our homeboy, Homeslice


There’s a really refined pizza place in London I’ve been to before. White table cloths adorn the round tables which have those posh little lamps on them. The staff wore waistcoats. Classical music played sweetly in the background.


This is not how pizzas are supposed to be enjoyed. Pizzas are Italian! They’re passionate. They’re frantic. They should be enjoyed in a lively environment where chefs shout at each other and flour flies through the air and you feel comfortable enough to pick up your slices, fold them in half and stuff them in your face hole like there’s no tomorrow.



That’s why Homeslice in Covent Garden is a perfect example of an ideal pizza joint. See that? ‘Joint’, not ‘restaurant’.

We arrived to a queue out the door. This is a great sign. Hungry pizza lovers waited patiently in a beautifully British queue whilst chatting away excitedly, probably about mozzarella cheese and fresh basil, I imagine. We eventually moved inside to find the seriously understated space – small in size but wonderfully noisy with a raucous atmosphere. Shrieks of laughter, babbling chatter and music accompanied the surprisingly chilled out chefs in the kitchen.



We squeezed ourselves round a table, ordered our pizzas from the ever-changing menu and got started on the vat of wine. At Homeslice, you pay for the booze you drink, which is measured when you come to settle the bill. Want two glasses of wine but not a bottle? Fine! Or, if like me you actually wanted the equivalent of two bottles but felt embarrassed to order two, even better! Celebrating? No problem. They have prosecco on tap.



We were fairly drunk when our dough duvets arrived. Dough duvets – they’re the pizzas. So large in surface area that I felt tempted to snuggle underneath it like a blanket and have a cheeky snooze. They were the size of the table. When I blinked, I could see little spinning pizza shadows in my vision. This place was the dream.

The pizzas were beyond perfect. Thin crusts and full of wood-fired flavour. The wine was brilliantly quaffable and the environment was perfect for pizzas. Homeslice has become my homeboy – we love you guys. We will be back. Order more wine in.









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