The Laundry, London Fields: Just when I thought oriental food couldn’t get any more mind-blowing


Yeah. I’m really into this place. On kind of a massive scale. I mean, let’s start with their logo, for crying out loud. YES, The Laundry. I’m a sucker for an awesome font.


Logos and typography aside, I’m here to bring great tidings of their asian-inspired food, courtesy of Joe’s Oriental Diner. If I was in charge of this place, I’d loudly demand that the people of London call it ‘Joe’s Mother Freakin’ Oriental Diner of Dreams’ whilst caressing my somewhat rotund Chinese food baby, but maybe that’s why I’m not a successful business owner. Thing is though, that name could totally stick like chinese noodles to a wall, because the food at Joe’s is flippin’ ridiculous.



The menu’s made up of small plates and large plates, and I was advised to order a few of each, to see us through. My favourites included the meltingly-good sticky barbecue chicken with tamarind ketchup, the fall-to-pieces tender beef short rib with rendang buns and then the chinese chicken salad with cashews and plum dressing – which had bits of mandarin tossed in there for good measure. Come ON, Joe. Clearly you’re no amateur at this, you massive show off.

Well, Joe and the gang can show off all they like – I was eating out of the middle of their steamed bun baskets after the first dish. The cocktails helped too – all hand-mixed and free-poured, with some wonderfully strong measures going in there. Then, I was advised to finish the whole affair off with their take on a pickleback shot. For those not in the know, this is a shot of whiskey and a shot of pickle juice. So I downed the whiskey … and the pickle juice …except the pickle juice had coriander and chopped chillis floating in it. Think you’re hardcore enough for that vibe? Well, it brought tears to my eyes – and I’ll eat and drink anything.




The food here …is seriously good. If I worked for The Michelin Food Guide, I wouldn’t just give it one star, I’d give this place a constellation. It was fresh, flavoursome, innovative, moreish and faultless.

I’ve mentioned once or twice before that I’m an interior design whore and the interiors of this place also ticked boxes. They’ve managed to somehow make a gargantuan space feel cosy and intimate. How? I dunno, but it more-than works.

I loved Joe’s Oriental Diner at The Laundry and, if you’re anything like me (ie, great taste, good looks and really humble) I think you’ll love it too. Get in there before the whole of London hears about it and descends – you won’t regret it.













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