Lab bar, Soho…


Shaken, not stirred…

Sometimes, I can’t be doing with gimmicks, add-ons and extras. I just want what I asked for. In this case, I’m referring to cocktails.

How many places have you been to which try to distract you with unnecessary novelties when really, all you asked for was a well-mixed drink, stat? If this is what you’re looking for, I suggest you head to LAB in Soho.

LAB -an acronym which spells out that they’re London’s Academy of Bartenders -do what they do very well. With a 31 page menu mix of classics and crazies, you’ll be spoilt for choice and may find yourselves cluelessly gawping at the open pages like a lost tourist working out a street map of London. This happened to me, so I did what I normally do in such a predicament; I asked for a recommendation. Shortly after, I was presented with The Porn Star Martini. This is a cocktail I’ve had many times in the past but to my surprise, I learnt that LAB are the forefathers of this invention. I know! I felt like I’d been to Jerusalem to buy a pair of Jesus sandals.

All in all, we had four cocktails out of the pages and pages to choose from. In the name of research, I tried all four of course.

The Porn Star Martini was ordered along with a Fizz Lips for my plus one -followed by a Fruity Soho Lady as well as a creamy Bounty -which was so unbelievably tasty, my plus one had to tell me to slow down, with a concerned look on her face like I had some kind of alcohol abuse issue. Not the case. It was just very quaffable.

When it comes to cocktails, these people seriously know what they’re doing. Each drink individually won my seal of approval. Good-and-strong with great hearty servings -I hate paying a hefty sum, only to be presented with an egg cup amount of beverage.

They were well presented, not too overpriced (you’re looking at between £7.00 – £9.50) and most importantly, so delicious, my tastebuds were tingling and my mouth was watering.

The atmosphere was bustling and chatty. LAB isn’t somewhere I’d choose for a quiet conversation or relaxing drinks so maybe avoid this place if you’re going to propose marriage -or divorce, maybe. This place would make a great stop-off for a lads’ night out or a group of girls on the town.

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