Vertigo 42…


Get high with Champagne…

I’m very much looking forward to telling you about my latest find. As someone who’s been on (and fallen in love with) The London Eye, I thought it couldn’t be beaten in terms of great views of London. Then, someone suggested I try Vertigo 42, claiming it outstrips the Eye in more ways than one.

Off I went, best glad rags on (this place fits into the ‘posh champagne bar’ category) and a date with my childhood gal-pal cousin in store.

Believe it or not, I fell in love with this place before I’d even arrived at the bar. Who knew lifts could be so much fun? Ok, maybe I’m opening a can of worms there for anyone who read past the first few chapters of ’50 Shades of Grey’ without getting bored. But this lift is brilliant. It’s dimly down-lit, has just one button labelled ‘42’ and massively builds up the tension for when you’re finally confronted with jaw-dropping panoramic views of London Town.

I don’t suffer from Vertigo, but even my palms were left slightly dewy when I realised how high up I was, so perhaps give this one a miss if you’re not great with heights.

Having said that, it’s nothing a glass of Champagne can’t help with, plus it has such a beautiful environment. Lots of glass and mirrors make this bar very airy and fuss-free. The decor made me feel like I was in a cloud –or maybe I’d just had too many bubbles.

But be warned; it’s not cheap. The most inexpensive glass of stuff you can buy here is £14 for a champagne cocktail. However, in defence of the price tags, my reasons are five-fold: £14 is cheaper than a ticket for The London Eye, the drinks are excellent, the views are better, you’re not sharing a ‘pod’ with fifteen other people and finally… There’s no time limit.

We stayed at Vertigo 42 all evening, were looked after by some incredibly attentive staff and drunk plenty of beautiful champagne. It’s an evening I’ll never forget, even if I can’t remember my journey home.

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