Burn some calories with great London views: The Monument

If you love exiting Covent Garden Underground via the stairwell, you’ll LOVE this… When my friends and family visit London, they always get in touch and ask me what my must-visit destinations are. If they’re on a budget but they want to do the ‘touristy thing’ of seeing the sights, I usually suggest they swap […]

Have you ever discovered “London’s best kept secret”?

 Discover London’s hidden gem then share it with a friend… It’s existed since 1932 and yet the majority of people I talk to about “London’s hidden gem” usually have no idea it’s there. The conversation often rears its head when discussing how much someone paid for tickets to see such-and-such play live or how much […]

A day off spent in the heat of Hyde Park

Discovering Serpentine Bar&Kitchen… I’ve always insisted I’m a city girl -I still do, really. That’s not to say I’m trying to adopt this Hollywood-esque girl-about-town lifestyle involving an expensive shoe habit, a cocktail diet and a man who walks all over me and gets away with it because ‘he doesn’t know what he wants’. All […]

Dennis Sever’s House: A must-see London experience

18th Century London, frozen in time… Nestled in amongst the hustle and bustle of one of the craziest capital cities in the world, is one of London’s best-kept secrets. With the immersive flurry of bright lights, rushed traffic and superhuman walking speeds, it’s far too easy to walk past Dennis Sever’s House without even noticing […]