Chin Chin Labs…

Ice-cream’s just not that simple anymore…

I want to tell you about Europe’s first liquid nitrogen ice cream parlour, Chin Chin Laboratorists. I didn’t really know what that meant either, but reading about it online, it sounded crazy enough to warrant a visit and an ice cream sampling session. Needs must, eh?

Going inside this place is honestly like discovering that Willy Wonka also moonlighted as a scientist. It’s cuisine-meets-chemistry, with the added IUSP (Incredibly Unique Selling Point) …your ice cream will be freshly made in front of your eyes using liquid nitrogen.

The wonderful part is that it’s like a cooking show. You’re talked through the entire process as it happens, by the safety-goggle wearing, lab-coat donning owners who quite clearly love their jobs and appreciate every individual customer they meet.

It’s ice cream theatre; from the uber cool interior design which makes this petite shop seem like the tardis, to the billowing vapours pouring from the liquid nitrogen which make the chic, friendly owners suddenly seem like mad professors. Look out for the little details; purchases are eaten with medicine spoons, toppings are displayed in test tubes and the menu is scrawled on an academic whiteboard. There are also park swings mounted on the outside wall of the shop so you can swing and lick to your hearts content, so to speak.

This place screams ingenuity. Screams …for ice cream.

Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.