Dans Le Noir…

In The Dark…

If you’re looking for an experience in London which is based on novelty then this is the place for you.

If you’re looking for a romantic restaurant outing with a loved one, complete with lingering looks and a sensual atmosphere… maybe look elsewhere.

However, to honour the former point, this has gone down as being one of the most memorable, surreal evenings I have experienced through ‘I Love London Town’. The restaurant in question is called Dans Le Noir -In The Dark- and you eat …well, in the dark.

But don’t waltz in confidently thinking it will just be ‘shadowy darkness’ and ‘your eyes will adjust’ -like I did. When they say dark, they mean pitch black. You feel as if you have a black blindfold over your eyes. Quite disorientating. VERY fun.

On arrival in the well-lit bar reception area, you’re greeted by the maître d’ and instructed to put all possessions into a locker -phones, keys, bags, wallets etc.

You then choose your food from four choices; red (meat), green (veg), blue (fish) or white (chefs surprise). I went for white.

Then, our waiter arrived to guide us down an ever-growing-darker tunnel, through two heavy black curtains and into the abyss. All the waiters at Dans Le Noir are blind, so for the short time you are there, you will experience their entire lives. Our waiter was very attentive, slowly and carefully leading us in, whilst offering very clear, helpful instructions to help us feel at ease.

Once sat down, the atmosphere was strange …but the evening was a lot of fun. Pouring the wine was interesting and trying to feed my plus-one a taste of my food across the table accidentally resulted in a fork in his eye. He decided to eat with his hands ‘just because no one would see’ and at one point, he also grabbed the hand of a male stranger sat nearby. The food was served in modest portions -we did leave feeling peckish still -but overall it was a night I’ll never forget.

I won’t tell you what we ate (you’re quizzed afterwards in the lit bar and then the actual meal is revealed) but I will say that neither of us were disappointed.

In fact, I actually squealed with delight.

Dans Le Noir02[9]