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East London lifestyle blog. All the cool little places you might not know about unless someone told you. I'm someone. I'll tell you.


Flex your green fingers at this awesome terrarium workshop in Hackney

For those Londoners who don’t have gardens but wish they did, this is the perfect workshop. It’s a how-to in one of the biggest trends of the moment – no, not beard up-keep, for a change. It’s a terrarium class, to turn an empty ball-vase into a tiny thing of botanical dreams. I always loved […]

Sun’s out, buns out: Beer & Buns is where it’s at

If you didn’t know it was there, you’d miss it. Right in the heart of …the city (wait, don’t groan) is this tiny, awesome little Japanese-themed drinking bar which seduced the hell out of us with everything they’re about. The interior at Beer & Buns is dead simple – it’s a dark space which is dominated […]

We think we’ve found the best beer tour in London: Meantime Brewery

I don’t know what this says about me but I’ve done a sizeable number of brewery tours during my precious time so far on planet earth. Nearly half of those tours were …pretty terrible. Long, boring, freezing cold and a distinct lack of free booze. An alcohol-free brewery tour. It’s offensive. So, signing ourselves up to […]

Bottomless booze and salted caramel fondue: brunch at Hixter

At ILLT, our favourite meal of the day is brunch. If we were eleven years old, brunch would be our crush and we’d write “I ♥ brunch, IDST” on our school books. Brunch means we can still enjoy breakfast, having had a massive, fat lay-in. Brunch is the hungover man’s guilt-free lazy-day breakfast and that’s why […]

The King’s Cross fresh water Pond: separating the men from the boys

There would have been some board room meeting at some point, where the one who’d birthed this brain child would have pitched their idea to the decision makers. “Let’s build an outdoor swimming bath with pure water which will be untouched by chlorine, but filtered by plants which are in the water with the swimmers […]

Want an awesome pizza in Central? Go see our homeboy, Homeslice

There’s a really refined pizza place in London I’ve been to before. White table cloths adorn the round tables which have those posh little lamps on them. The staff wore waistcoats. Classical music played sweetly in the background. NO, LONDON. No. This is not how pizzas are supposed to be enjoyed. Pizzas are Italian! They’re […]

Is this the best burger in London?

It was a Tuesday night. We were out, in a restaurant. Suddenly, everything slowed down as if to grind to a halt, the ambient noise around me gradually lowered in tone as it stretched into slow-mo and I looked up to assess the situation. My hands were shiny and dripping with grease, with bits meat […]

My Neighbours The Dumplings: Hackney’s new dim sum & sake house

Full disclosure: I’ve never liked Chinese food. I know, I’m a minority and I hold up my hands when I say that I’m well aware that this is purely as a result of a series of unfortunate events. Too many sketchy take-aways and £5 all-you-can-eat buffets. It could have been any kind of food, it […]

Lock-In Lunch: The ultimate all-dayer

I was recently put in charge of organising a night out for a massive group of friends – a task which I initially approached with pure arrogance. Yeah, this’ll be easy. Pre-drinks, dinner, more drinks, after-drinks and a club. Then, I realised it was like trying to organise a school trip, but with booze. So […]

L’atelier: A perfect, petit portion of France in Dalston

I’ve always been really into French food and French wine. Don’t even get me started on French interiors. I adore French music and I’m currently learning the French language, which I also think is très cool. I’ve got about eight more examples here but I guess you can probably spot the pattern. This French fancy […]

Resident: Bethnal Green’s pocket of paradise

I dined in Bethnal Green after a boozy night out at the start of this year. Sorry, I should say “I ‘dined’…”. It was a fried chicken shop, with retina-burning strip lighting. I was served by scary Stefan, who seemed angry at me – and at life – for no specific reason and I’m pretty […]

B&H Buildings, Clerkenwell: The place to turn a first date into a marriage proposal

There’s a question I’m regularly posed with by friends, by colleagues, by random followers via Twitter. Once, by a potential date, which was awkward, because the question I refer to is “Where can I take someone I want to impress on a date?” He was referring to me, but his lack of imagination/research skills/effort landed […]

Meet our new best mate: Pedler, Peckham Rye

I’ve got this mate called Guy who is the perfect human being. He’s one of those all-rounders who nails absolutely everything he tries his hand at – even table tennis. Who the hell is really good at table tennis? Guy is. Nights out with him are fun – borderline ‘wild’ – but he still has […]

Our favourite London boozer: Clapton Hart

Everyone’s got a favourite pub. Right? An easy-going second home you fall back on when you’ve just payed a massive gas bill or when you’ve been dumped by ‘the one’ after only having been on three dates or when you’ve just endured an agonising phone call from your boss who chewed your ear off for […]



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  • B&H Buildings, Clerkenwell : the place to turn a first date into a marriage proposal
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