All the coolest little London places which you might not know about unless someone told you.

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East London lifestyle blog. All the cool little places you might not know about unless someone told you. I'm someone. I'll tell you.


M Raw: Don Draper’s first choice for breakfast

I’m going to be honest. I really don’t like The City. There are some really unique little finds hidden in amongst it like St. Dunstan’s and Sky Garden but whenever Tom and I bike through it, I find myself suddenly peddling frantically to try and reach the other side, where the grass is definitely greener. […]

Work near Holborn? Get down to Grill Market, the awesome new lunch spot

Tom and I work within a ten minute bike ride of each other. Now and again, one will bike over to the other, or we’ll meet in the middle and combine forces for a ‘super-happy-fun-lunch’. At least, that’s always our intention. The middle point for us is around the area of Holborn, central London. You’d […]

Burgers for breakfast? Oh, Honest Burgers, you dream

Honest Burgers moved East…and they’re killing it with breakfasts. At the time of writing this, it’s just turned 4pm, yet I’m still re-living this morning’s breakfast on a slow-mo looped scene in my head like a meaty little feature film. My day’s been a bit of a blur as a result of the heaven-sent start to […]

Make your own beer at Brew School: The best education you can get

I often think about the countless benefits of going back into education. Furthering my knowledge, stimulating my neurological motherboard, expanding upon my qualifications, being re-issued with my student discount card and getting money off clothes purchases and free double cheeseburgers. Thing is, I never really know whether I’d be cut out for education again. Those […]

DIY t-shirt printing at The Book Club

I once had to guess the start date of The Weakest Link – to the exact day – as a final question in a pub quiz and ended up hitting the nail on the head and winning the entire thing, didn’t I? I was spot on. I took a stab in the dark with my […]

Towpath cafe, Regents Canal – the perfect summer chill space

There’s an outdoor brunch spot which myself and Tom have been frequenting of late that we feel you need to know about. I say ‘frequenting’; we’ve been thrice and one of the main reasons for our return comes down to Tom’s flat being a five minute hungover stumble from this place. That aside, it doesn’t dispute […]

Beagle, Hoxton: The Ryan Gosling of restaurants

Everyone has that one thing they take really, really seriously. It’s what algebraic formulas were to Pythagoras. What falling apples were to Newton. What never brushing your hair is to Boris. Something which isn’t looked upon lightly, which is honed to undeniable perfection until you know that little ‘C-Squared’ answer inside out, until you know […]

Thai food in South London? Apparently beggars can be choosers

Until I find a better Thai restaurant in London than The Begging Bowl, which offers more authentic, cheaper food than The Begging Bowl, with a warmer and more welcoming atmosphere than The Begging Bowl …I’m just gonna keep banging on about The Begging Bowl to anyone who’ll listen and/or who cares. I went to Thailand at the ripe old age […]

One of London’s best kept secrets is located …in the City

This site covers weird and wonderful London, right? It doesn’t get any weirder or more wonderful than this… For my 28th birthday, I booked the day off work with very little insight into what Tom had planned, besides being fed a fruitful hint along the lines of ‘…we’re doing something in London’. Being honest, I […]

Yolk: the sexiest eggs in London?

One of the most awkward early-days conversations Tom and I ever had was more of a confession on my part really. It involved me coming clean about an addiction I’ve been silently battling for a number of years. My instincts told me I could trust Tom, plus I’d suffered alone for long enough; I needed […]

Anyone with a beard living in London needs to read this…

You know those nonsense hair salons which dress the place up to look like a high-end brothel and then ply you with booze to cloud your judgement so that you’re more than happy –and wasted- whilst shelling out £95 for a haircut which makes you look like Pat Sharpe? They’re utter balls. If you’re sick […]

The best freaking gig guide (London): Jan – Mar 15

A roundup of what we believe to be the best upcoming, established and local bands… January Digitalism (DJ set) – Friday 16th // The Nest, N16 – £10  Buy tickets Die Antwoord – Saturday 17th // O2 Academy Brixton, SW9 – £25  Buy tickets Deers – Wednesday 21st // Boston Music Room, N19 – £8.50 […]

Introducing Foxcroft & Ginger: E1 gets a shot of artisan cool

Considering how central Whitechapel is, you’d think there’d be a bit more to the area besides violatingly-high rent prices, the motorway-like road which slices its way through the middle of it and the somewhat below-par street market which sells king size mattresses off the pavement. Apologies to any blissfully happy Whitechapel residents who are now […]

Burger Me: This Latin street food Pop-up will blow your sombrero off

NB. The UIMG boys are no longer at this location. Please check their website to see where they’re popping up next You’ve got until the end of this year, London. Time’s ticking by and this is something you shouldn’t approach casually. The Ultimate Pop-up Latin American-Inspired Burger-Vendor dudes have moved their street food set-up to […]



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  • B&H Buildings, Clerkenwell : the place to turn a first date into a marriage proposal
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