All the coolest little London places which you might not know about unless someone told you.

I'm someone. I'll tell you.

East London lifestyle blog. All the cool little places you might not know about unless someone told you. I'm someone. I'll tell you.


Jones & Sons dominate Trip Kitchen, Haggerston

Trip  /trip/ Very often used to describe things which are crazy, cool, chaotic. …It’s pretty appropriate then that the name given to the awesome little pockets of business which nestle themselves into the cobbled bosom of Haggerston’s railway arches is Trip Space. Whether it’s yoga classes, physical theatre performances or, as we discovered, the tastebud […]

The best freakin’ London gig guide going: Sept – Dec 2014

The best freakin’ London gig guide going September-December 2014 Brace yourselves, London. We’ve spent beards of time putting together a concise run-down of all the forthcoming gigs worth knowing about and worth booking the hell out of. You wanna thank us? We understand. Just share this with every man and his uncle then follow us on […]

Dirty Dining // The White Hart // Stokey: …Uhh, yeah. It’s as messy as it sounds.

Dirty Dining: Silver service it isn’t. Sometimes we find ourselves reviewing the latest ‘movement’ or ‘trend’ in London and it’s so surreal or ridiculous, we have to sit back and take stock on what the hell we’re doing with our lives. This was one of those moments. Except instead of ‘taking stock’, we were covered in […]

Oslo, Hackney: Innovative food in a Nordic-inspired interior

Effortlessly cool dishes, drinks and design “You eat with your eyes first…” is a golden little phrase I’ve spouted for years. Food definitely tastes better if it comes up trumps in the aesthetics department, rather than a sloshed bowl of slop being slung in front of you. I’m telling you; good design definitely ups the ante. […]

London // Music: One to Watch – Charlotte OC

Charlotte OC impresses with vocals and original music It was a frantic race to make it across London that particular Thursday night to see the gig we’d planned on checking out. The artist was Charlotte OC and besides having seen some well-lit, moody head shots, we didn’t really know much more about her. Arriving just in […]

Beat the January blues, London! Earlham St. Clubhouse: Guaranteed good times!

 Everything you loved as a kid is even better as a drunk adult… There are some things in life which seem to effortlessly go hand-in-hand with fun, happiness and a damn good time. Namely, anything which runs along the theme of retro, classic America is guaranteed to tick this box. Such examples include anything to do […]

Leave your ‘adultish’ life behind. This is the ultimate big-kids day out…

  It takes a very …special kind of situation to result in my fifty-something year old father -a serious, alpha-male type -to wear a backpack on both shoulders and skip excitedly along the street with an imbecilic grin on his face. Also, to make my serious, alpha-male type thirty-something year old brother -who’s a policeman […]

A great tour of an iconic landmark: Wembley Stadium

Hello Wembley! When you think ‘visiting London landmarks’, the usual tours of buildings come to mind; Buckingham Palace, The Houses of Parliament, The Tower of London. Whilst these are must-see places, sometimes it’s refreshing to think outside the box and realise that London is crammed with famous buildings -many of which offer tours. The one […]

The Blitz Party, Shoreditch: London’s homage to Wartime Britain’s party scene

The Blitz Party, Village Underground, Shoreditch I’d heard so much about The Blitz Party in East London, so finally being able to go was exciting. This considered, you’d think we’d have planned our outfits way in advance. You’d be wrong. I know from similar London parties that dressing up is always taken very seriously so […]



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  • B&H Buildings, Clerkenwell : the place to turn a first date into a marriage proposal
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