All the coolest little London places which you might not know about unless someone told you.

I'm someone. I'll tell you.

East London lifestyle blog. All the cool little places you might not know about unless someone told you. I'm someone. I'll tell you.


Bourne and Hollingsworth: Devilish new cocktails in a sweet-and-innocent setting

 That bartender knows where the hell it’s at… Rocking chairs at the ready, blue rinses steady, it’s time to channel your inner granny and celebrate all things vintage at Bourne and Hollingsworth: London’s best OAP-chic cocktail bar. This is the place where cocktails are served in teacups …sandwiches are served with cocktails …and a variety of […]

London Champagne week: FREE Champagne at beautiful-bubbly-bar Searcys…

 A week celebrating Champagne – 7th-13th October As if it wasn’t genius enough that a thing such as Champagne week even exists anyway, now another stroke of pure brilliance has been added to this wondrous occasion, courtesy of Champagne bar Searcys. All week, the various branches across London will be offering you the chance to […]

A London burlesque show of the highest standard…

Baroque: The Playboy Club, Mayfair I’d been to see Burlesque before; it was an utter disaster. My first -and until recently -my only experience of what is meant to be a seductive strip tease ended up being a clumsy display of cheap nipple tassles and ripped fishnets. It was like stumbling into the red light district […]

#London -do yourself a favour and read this review. Gingerline is back.

 Hold your breath and say a prayer… There are those events in London which you wish you could experience. The ones you long to get tickets for, but never can because it’s not …special, it’s an entirely higher echelon beyond special and everyone and his Uncle want tickets too. Well, London, after two years (yes, […]

Discover countless hidden London places, all at once: YouK Tours

 Don’t miss what’s right in front of you! You really can live somewhere your whole life until, one day, someone asks if you knew about ‘that little spot’ down ‘that side street’ to the left of ‘that brick wall’. Before you know it, you’re discovering you’ve lived right next to an absolute gem of a […]

“How the HELL did he do that??!” – The Card Shark show, London.

 Incredible trickery and showmanship: The Card Shark Show Lets call a spade ‘a spade’ -hand on heart, this show is ace so join the club and get yourself along to see The Card Shark show at The Royal Institution in Mayfair. If you noticed my stomach-churningly-bad puns in that first sentence, you clearly don’t miss […]

Are you attending London’s most talked about event this Saturday? Read more here…

The Dark Circus Party… I’m just passing on what I’ve heard. I’ll be attending, but don’t say this information came from me.  This Saturday the beautiful Bloomsbury Ballroom opens its doors to the enigmatic world of the Dark Circus Party. For those amongst you who like life’s simpler comforts, perhaps don’t read any further –this doesn’t […]

Steak, lobster and cocktails in bags: The Happenstance Bar

 Crustacians, Cows and Cocktails I Love London Town is all about finding the weird and wonderful in London and encouraging you lot to go ahead and get involved. Well London, I have a great, fun, quirky place to add to the list. The Happenstance is literally a stones throw from St. Paul’s -and my measly arms really […]

The September line-up at the Rooftop Film Club

 Have you been yet? It’s been running for a good number of years now and has become a firm favourite for countless Londoners -including me -so if you’ve not done the Rooftop Film Club yet, I don’t know what on Earth you’re playing at. If ever I have people visiting London -friends or family -I’ll […]

Authentic, original, flavoursome: The Jam Tree’s Pop-Up Jamaican Menu, Clapham

We Jammin’… Would I like to try The Jam Tree‘s Pop-Up Jamaican menu, I was asked. I scoffed an excited answer about being ‘utterly mad’ about Jamaican culture, having grown up watching Cool Runnings and having thought Usain Bolt did a pretty above-average job at the Olympics. In truth, I loved the idea of Jamaican […]

Burn some calories with great London views: The Monument

If you love exiting Covent Garden Underground via the stairwell, you’ll LOVE this… When my friends and family visit London, they always get in touch and ask me what my must-visit destinations are. If they’re on a budget but they want to do the ‘touristy thing’ of seeing the sights, I usually suggest they swap […]

Five Courses for £25 in Central London: Riverboat Food Festival

A truly unique dining experience in the Capital All hail the rise of the street food vendor! Every recession-type cloud has many a silver lining and this one in particular involves the boom in rustic food which is cheap as chips yet mindblowingly tasty: Street Food. I’ve attended so many events over the past few […]

Affordable art for your London pad. Introducing artist Daniel Christie

Original art needn’t cost the earth… I have a terrible memory and unfortunately, my brother experiences the brunt of this every year when his birthday comes along. Despite him being one of my best mates, I’m always stuck as to what to get him and I leave it far too late, then end up giving […]



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  • B&H Buildings, Clerkenwell : the place to turn a first date into a marriage proposal
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