All the coolest little London places which you might not know about unless someone told you.

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East London lifestyle blog. All the cool little places you might not know about unless someone told you. I'm someone. I'll tell you.


Escape from the city: Magical, Mysterious Morocco

“Man who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. Man who walks alone is likely to find themselves in places no one has been before.” -Albert Einstein    Very often, I find when I’m travelling to new countries for the first time, I’ve already forged preconceived ideas about what to expect […]

Have you ever discovered “London’s best kept secret”?

 Discover London’s hidden gem then share it with a friend… It’s existed since 1932 and yet the majority of people I talk to about “London’s hidden gem” usually have no idea it’s there. The conversation often rears its head when discussing how much someone paid for tickets to see such-and-such play live or how much […]

Sushi in the City: How not to spend a fortune…

 Conveyor sushi doesn’t mean high street sushi It was a discussion with a friend the day before which made this review particularly poignant. The two of us raw-fish-lovers were agonising over how expensive good sushi restaurants in Central London can be. My friend had recently enjoyed a fantastic sushi dining evening which was then tainted by […]

VCR at Electric Social, Brixton, London.

 VCR goes cutting edge: Brixton On so many occasions over my past two years of London life, I’ve fallen into a bar after paying £8 entry, slurred an order at the barman and then thought “I know! I’ll put it on the card! Then, it’s like I’m not spending money!” These ‘money-saving’ innovations are then […]

Music: Ones to watch -Deap Vally do London Town

 Deap Vally Call Hell on London Out of any place in the world which should be most proud of its musical exports, California is definitely up there. The sunny state boasts Haim, The Beach boys, Eagles and Guns ‘n’ Roses amongst its family of instrument-wielding love children. That pocket of paradise is responsible for some […]

Stone Roses photography exhibition lands in London

Stone Roses resurrected and adored via ‘Made of Stone’ exhibition I thought I was a massive Stone Roses fan until a mere two days ago, when it suddenly occured to me whilst on the DLR (where I do all my great thinking) that I wasn’t sure whether their album art work was Jackson Pollock or […]

Kitchen Party: A must-visit Pop-Up dining experience in London…

Warning: Lovers of vegetables and/or civilised reviews may be offended by this write-up Kate Moss once said “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels…” Kate Moss needs to get her gorgeous, malnourished self down to Clerkenwell so she can sink her teeth into the best meat I’ve seen since Ryan Gosling took his shirt off […]

Props to The Rooftop Film Club for a blinding forthcoming June programme…

They’ve only gone and done it again… Those Rooftop FIlm Clubbers. They’re so cocky with their know-how and their retro film collection. I was convinced they couldn’t possibly pull another alluring line-up out of the bag for Summer 2013. However, their June screenings are so enticing, I feel like I’ve been seduced to the point […]

Save the date: 24th-27th May – Mind, body, Spirit festival

And breathe… Earl’s Court plays host once again to the ultimate love fest this May. The bi-annual Mind, Body, Spirit festival is the UK’s longest running holistic event and celebrates empowerment, relaxation, healing, positivity and self-improvement through various different means. Expect hoards of happy people, lots of yoga, inspiring seminars, stage performances and wellbeing professionals […]

Escape from the City: Dresden, Germany | A short film: 4 days in 5 minutes

Holy Steine! It seems like forever ago that I was in Dresden with a bunch of complete strangers, drinking beers, shouting “Prost!” and declaring that I’d met ‘friends for life’ in them all. In retrospect, it’s only been a few weeks -during which I’ve met up with the crowd twice already -Dresden is certainly a […]

Greg James shares his favourite thing to do with I Love London Town…

Greg James for Mayor of London… Everyone’s favourite Radio 1 presenter who’s called Greg (lets be fair on them all) is a lover of London. He shares a moment with I Love London Town to recommend his favourite thing to do in England’s capital. It’s special and certainly alternative…

Video short: A sunny day in London Town -Being a tourist in my own city

A two minute slice of London Today is a rainy one in London, after such a long spell of great weather. Fear not! I bring SUNSHINE to your desks! Also, maybe you’re a follower of I Love London Town from overseas and either you’ve never been to London or you perhaps wonder what it’s like […]

Barbarella Restaurant, Fulham: Temporary 80’s menu with 80’s prices

Great food, great atmosphere, very inexpensive… Why is it that whenever there’s an 80’s themed night, it suddenly seems as if Madonna’s Lucky Star music video has thrown up all over everyone and everything? Seriously; our method of recreating the 80’s is shameless and involves back-combed hair, fishnet tights and anything neon we can lay […]



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  • B&H Buildings, Clerkenwell : the place to turn a first date into a marriage proposal
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