All the coolest little London places which you might not know about unless someone told you.

I'm someone. I'll tell you.

East London lifestyle blog. All the cool little places you might not know about unless someone told you. I'm someone. I'll tell you.


Cafe de Paris: The Black Cat Cabaret

 Reach midnight in Paris… The first time I saw a cabaret burlesque show, it was an absolute disaster. In a dingy, underground London hovel which had promised to be ‘seductively glamorous’, I sat and ate luke-warm crab paste whilst watching half-dressed dancers stumble about the stage, all laddered tights and ripped corsets, wondering who the […]

Light Show: Hayward Gallery, Southbank -Extended until 6th May

Light Show, Hayward gallery, Southbank  Some art comes and goes like a fleeting thought towards what you want for dinner. You stand back, you take it in, you appreciate it, sure, but as you walk away, you leave the memory of it behind too. Other pieces have the ability to stay with you for life. […]

A day off spent in the heat of Hyde Park

Discovering Serpentine Bar&Kitchen… I’ve always insisted I’m a city girl -I still do, really. That’s not to say I’m trying to adopt this Hollywood-esque girl-about-town lifestyle involving an expensive shoe habit, a cocktail diet and a man who walks all over me and gets away with it because ‘he doesn’t know what he wants’. All […]

My favourite London-based Twitter feeds…

My five favourite London-based Twitter feeds… @SkintLondon Away with you, recession! The Skint team are using their inside knowledge to recommend incredible bargains to Londoners on a daily basis. SkintLondon’s recommendations have pretty much saved my bank balance in this God-Forsaken city. It’s only when someone is telling you about all the discounts available that you […]

A flying trapeze lands in London

A different kind of swinging… Calling all dare-devils, circus lovers and fearless adrenaline junkies: Gorilla Circus are soon to be setting up camp in Regents Park! As of May 4th (Star Wars day, to those in the know) open-air trapeze sessions will be available in amongst the tree tops of one of the capitals greatest outdoor […]

City Escapes: My weekend in Amsterdam

Escape from London to… Amsterdam You can’t read this without watching that. That’s right -the video, above. The reason I created it, is because I wanted to spell out to you what kind of a traveller I am, before you get in too deep with reading this write-up. You see, most people who travel the […]

Cannizaro House, Wimbledon -a countryside retreat in the city

Just as Jane Austen intended… There’s a lot to be said for ‘escapism’ when living in London. A fast-paced city lifestyle needs to be balanced out for a period of time -even if only for a few hours- with some kind of tranquil form of heaven. I was lucky enough to experience this with a […]

Dennis Sever’s House: A must-see London experience

18th Century London, frozen in time… Nestled in amongst the hustle and bustle of one of the craziest capital cities in the world, is one of London’s best-kept secrets. With the immersive flurry of bright lights, rushed traffic and superhuman walking speeds, it’s far too easy to walk past Dennis Sever’s House without even noticing […]

Eleven Hair Salon: Fantastic standards without robbing you blind

Do you have a Mandy?? I recently had a very telling conversation with a straight alpha-male colleague called Mark in which he informed me of ‘Mandy’; a presence in his life who’s been his one-and-only for seven years. She’s delivered such wonderful experiences, he’s never been tempted to stray or cheat, but has in fact […]

Itsu: 15for15 – Fantastic food, even better cost…

15 For 15 I thought I knew all there was to know about Itsu. “Oh, that new sushi take-away place on Regent Street?” How wrong I was. Three things about that sentence are wrong. Itsu doesn’t just exist on Regent Street; there are little sushi pods of joy all over our capital. Also, it doesn’t […]

The biggest, tastiest brunch in London?

Malmaison Hotel Brunch, Barbican As I’m writing this, brunch memories have come flooding back to me and I’ve got the food sweats already. Recently, the Malmaison Hotel  invited me to go along and try their new brunch service, priced at £19.95 each. I thought the same thing: Brunch for twenty quid? To justify that, it better […]

Do you realise what Fortnum and Mason go through for you lot?!

Fortnum and Mason: How they got their reputation. As a lover of food, imagine -just imagine- how chuffed I was when I was invited to go and help Fortnum and Mason whittle down their Olive Oil selection to a final selection of twenty, for their stock next year. “As a voice of London, we’d love […]

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