DIY t-shirt printing at The Book Club

I once had to guess the start date of The Weakest Link – to the exact day – as a final question in a pub quiz and ended up hitting the nail on the head and winning the entire thing, didn’t I? I was spot on. I took a stab in the dark with my […]

#London: ONE DAY LEFT to see this incredible piece of theatre in North London AND it’s a bargain! More details here…

A truly magical piece of theatre which is well worth seeing… Every so often, something really special lands in London which you’d probably miss, if it wasn’t for that someone who excitedly tells you about it, enthusing over how good it is and urging you to see it. I am that person; I’m asking you […]

Escape from the city: Magical, Mysterious Morocco

“Man who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. Man who walks alone is likely to find themselves in places no one has been before.” -Albert Einstein    Very often, I find when I’m travelling to new countries for the first time, I’ve already forged preconceived ideas about what to expect […]

Have you ever discovered “London’s best kept secret”?

 Discover London’s hidden gem then share it with a friend… It’s existed since 1932 and yet the majority of people I talk to about “London’s hidden gem” usually have no idea it’s there. The conversation often rears its head when discussing how much someone paid for tickets to see such-and-such play live or how much […]

Stone Roses photography exhibition lands in London

Stone Roses resurrected and adored via ‘Made of Stone’ exhibition I thought I was a massive Stone Roses fan until a mere two days ago, when it suddenly occured to me whilst on the DLR (where I do all my great thinking) that I wasn’t sure whether their album art work was Jackson Pollock or […]