Cafe de Paris: The Black Cat Cabaret

 Reach midnight in Paris… The first time I saw a cabaret burlesque show, it was an absolute disaster. In a dingy, underground London hovel which had promised to be ‘seductively glamorous’, I sat and ate luke-warm crab paste whilst watching half-dressed dancers stumble about the stage, all laddered tights and ripped corsets, wondering who the […]

A day off spent in the heat of Hyde Park

Discovering Serpentine Bar&Kitchen… I’ve always insisted I’m a city girl -I still do, really. That’s not to say I’m trying to adopt this Hollywood-esque girl-about-town lifestyle involving an expensive shoe habit, a cocktail diet and a man who walks all over me and gets away with it because ‘he doesn’t know what he wants’. All […]

My favourite London-based Twitter feeds…

My five favourite London-based Twitter feeds… @SkintLondon Away with you, recession! The Skint team are using their inside knowledge to recommend incredible bargains to Londoners on a daily basis. SkintLondon’s recommendations have pretty much saved my bank balance in this God-Forsaken city. It’s only when someone is telling you about all the discounts available that you […]