Lock-In Lunch: The ultimate all-dayer

I was recently put in charge of organising a night out for a massive group of friends – a task which I initially approached with pure arrogance. Yeah, this’ll be easy. Pre-drinks, dinner, more drinks, after-drinks and a club. Then, I realised it was like trying to organise a school trip, but with booze. So […]

Looking for an alternative night out in London? It doesn’t get more weird and wonderful than Dark Circus Party…

 Torture Garden & Bourne and Hollingsworth present… Dark Circus Party I’d heard rave reviews about Torture Garden and had been warned that whilst their nights were breathtakingly memorable, they certainly weren’t for the faint hearted. As for the other half of this production’s partnership, well, I’ve been a fan of the Bourne and Hollingsworth gang […]

“One of the quirkiest concepts for a bar …ever” -Have you been to Rev J.W.Simpson’s yet?

 Rev J.W.Simpson – The ultimate unique London haunt The phrase ‘…only in London’ exists because this vibrant capital city of ours comes with an all-accepting open-mindedness which allows totally crazy concepts to exist with incredible success. A fabulous example of this is packaged in the form of Rev J.W.Simpson -a bar with a jaw-droppingly cool […]

Bourne and Hollingsworth: Devilish new cocktails in a sweet-and-innocent setting

 That bartender knows where the hell it’s at… Rocking chairs at the ready, blue rinses steady, it’s time to channel your inner granny and celebrate all things vintage at Bourne and Hollingsworth: London’s best OAP-chic cocktail bar. This is the place where cocktails are served in teacups …sandwiches are served with cocktails …and a variety of […]