The Alternative London Tour…

A little city gem…

Let me make your London lives that little bit better by telling you about the Alternative London Tour.

Since taking this walking tour around Brick Lane which is solely based around the street artists of London, I haven’t shut up about it, in truth. A group of us (all strangers) met by the goat statue in a square near Spitalfields. From there, we spent the next two hours on a labyrinth tour around Shoreditch, discovering incredible facts and trivia about architecture, art and the area.

It’s led by Gary; art lover, great tour guide and general fountain of knowledge. But we’re talking maybe the hugest, deepest fountain you’ve ever seen. He seriously knows his stuff -and so he should, considering the amount of daily homework and research he puts in.
This is not a Banksy tour, as many guests asked how many Banksy’s they’d see. Actually, it’s far better because we know Banksy’s work and his background, whereas Gary takes you through some of the less commercial artists who still boast incredible talents and fascinating stories. 

Every art work had a tale to tell and, of course, a shelf life. After a new piece is finished, it’s often not long before it gets tagged and eventually reclaimed by another artist. This means you could go on this tour once a month and each time it would have additions and differences. To add to the quirkiness, this is a pay-what-you-like tour. So if you currently get more calls from your bank manager then your family, it’s ok to give four or five quid. However, our tour lasted two hours, none of us felt bored or tired and the entire group went home with smiles on their faces, so if you can show your gratitude financially, go to town.