The Book Club


A bar away from home.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a very social being …but sometimes I kind’ve wish I could merge the atmosphere of a bustling bar …with the lazy, unashamed comfort of my front room. So sue me.

Having said that, I have great news! The Book Club in Shoreditch boasts just this; damn good food, fabulously eclectic drinks and a very chilled out atmosphere which will make you feel right at home… *party blower*

Add to that their impressively cool interior design, their entertaining cocktail names (some of which will make your granny’s eyes water) and a ping pong table and you have yourself a great night out.

‘But what’s your favourite thing about The Book Club?’ I hear you all cry. Well, I’ll tell you. It’s the fact that you could come here every night of the week and your night will be different. …No, really. You see, TBC (that’s what regulars call it, I like to think of myself as a regular, having visited twice) does what’s call ‘Drinking and Thinking’ events.

They have a glorious buffet of weird and wonderful evenings on offer -from educational evenings to life drawing (which I tried and loved) and finally, to wackily named music nights, for example ‘Come Get Felt Up’ -a rockabilly themed affair.

So if you like a cosy haunt, this is the place for you. Look out for the incredible lightbulb ceiling downstairs too. But be warned, it gets very busy, so if you want a table, arrive early and do some crafty hovering. (That’s hovering, not hoovering. No amount of housekeeping will up your chances of VIP table treatment. Believe me. I tried.)